You are Stephen Colbert. Congratulations!
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Gamasutra: “TV host Stephen Colbert has jumped onto [Twine] with a new, free game: Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet.
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To do list:
* Create sand mandala
* Destroy sand mandala
* Create sand mandala

There is a lot of *snrk*ing going on as I play this game.
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Only a monster would kick those poor bones! Or, you know, so I have heard....
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This'll cheer you up
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~ Pokémonth ~
~ Bring Your Work Home With You Day ~
~ Shrektoberthon ~
~ Chaka Khannukah ~
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I loved this quite a bit. I wanted to believe that Stephen Colbert (being the gigantic nerd that he is) wrote the whole thing, but the Gamasutra article implies differently.
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(The man-sized cabinet has been a running gag on his podcast.)
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If you go to "see the rest of the office" then "to-do list", you get many wonderful things to see (and maybe do), starting with:
~ Learn to Use To-Do List ~ (which was first on the multiple times he showed his "to-do list" before)
~ Reconcile Quantum Theory with Relativity ~
~ Buy More Subtle Highlighters ~
~ Crank Out Another Bestseller [Speedboat Is Making Weird Noise] ~
~ Continue Sustaining Illusion of Crop Circles ~
~ Save Cheerleader, World ~ (okay, that may piss off NBC)
~ See Entourage Movie Again ~ (so HE'S the one who saw it)
~ Work in Lab Late One Night, Use Eyes To Behold Eerie Sight ~
~ Do the Mash ~
~ Do the Monster Mash ~
~ Steal Christmas ~
~ Find Out What Time TV Show On ~
~ Hire Body Double(s) ~
~ Create Sand Mandala ~
~ Destroy Sand Mandala ~
~ Create Sand Mandala ~
~ Personally Rewire New Theater ~
~ Learn to Use To-Do List ~

"To-Do List" is the new "Top 10 List". (Thankfully)
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Waiting for 16 hours, trying to leave, and then waiting again seems to make you wait for... only 8 hours?

Looks like "capitalize on time-travel" should have been added to that to-do list.
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