No laughing matter
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I liked how Sepp said he called his "late mother" to let her know about the incident, and she said it was down to a lack of education. Also how Sepp said all this money floating around "doesn't have anything to do with football."
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“This is nothing to do with football … we need to clean here first,” Blatter said before leaving the stage while the money was cleared

I think Blatter has unwittingly spoken truth....
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The AP video with more Sepp gold. "You know in football, you never know where are the limits in football."
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...around where Blatter was seated after announcing himself as a North Korean World Cup delegate.

I'm surprised that North Korea allowed their brand to be tarnished like this.
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I think I can see the look of utter dismay on Sepps face as the protester throws that second wad of cash into the air.
Perfect photo op, and a brilliant protest.
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I'll quote myself from the United Passions post

Maybe this could be followed by Offshore Passions, a movie of the past few weeks in FIFA. Ask Roth if he's willing to play corrupt International Professional Soccer Association president Josef Burkhalter.

Because that movie would be awesome.
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The Photoshopped covers of FIFA 16 with Sepp in a cloud of dollar bills practically makes itself. Brilliant.
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Money shot.
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Totally hoping there is a United Passions thread on FanFare at some point. It looks like the best worst movie ever.
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I'm not sure - let me quote Scott Tobias of The Dissolve - "Let me hook you again: There's almost no soccer. Just meetings, basically."

Well I'm hoping that pitch to The Flophouse pays off, anyway.
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"We have to clean here first, otherwise I will not be able to speak to you…" because even the fake money will be too distracting.

I love his righteous indignation.
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Lee Nelson finally does something funny. The photographs of Blatter sitting there as the money rains down will be his legacy long after he's retired.
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Remember when he said he'd resigned and we were all pleased.
Good times...
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