lepidoptera automata
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@mothgenerator is a Twitter account from poet and artist Katie Rose Pipkin and game maker Loren Schmidt that shares their fantastic bot-generated digital moths. Boingboing article here.

Mental Floss gives some details of the process, and adds that "Right now, the Twitter account is just churning out new moths, but the creators are considering adding extra features. One option could be tweeting out moth facts or letting fans "seed" their own moths by tweeting text at the bot to create them."
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Oh hm. It looks like they are doing some requests. I just asked for a "MetaFilter FIAMO (Flag It and Moth On) Moth." *holding breath*
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So cool! Thanks for sharing! Katie is a badass. I saw her work at the Museum of Human Acheivment last fall. Seriously good artist.
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The breadth of the moths are amazing. And Katie is just so good and so unafraid to follow her mind wherever it wants to go. I've enjoyed having Tiny Star Fields and CEO PYRAMID OVERLORD drop fun and/or bizarreness into my Twitter feed.

And I should check out Loren Schmidt!
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I expected this to be bot-generated The Moth stories. I like this too though.
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Previously by the same authors.
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I too was expecting this to be a bit that combined moth story tropes in ridiculous ways. This is cool, too.
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Okay, we have our FIAMO Moth! Or Moth moth. (Pro tip: you don't need to include the word "moth" when asking for your moth. Moth.)
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Ooh, fringes!
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