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AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It

AlunaGeorge's song "You Know You Like It" spent 1 week at #86 after being released in 2011 (and rereleased in 2013).

[AlunaGeorge is Aluna Francis and George Reid]

Then DJ Snake (of Turn Down For What & Bird Machine) remixed it.

I guess third time's the charm.
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So to be clear: this is really more about DJ Snake than AlunaGeorge.
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Seems to me this is really more about how collaboration between DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge helped them turn a 4-year-old dud into a club sensation. I mean, they reached out to him, asked him to remix the song. It's about the challenges of writing popular dance music that has a wide appeal. For me, it's about the idea that AlunaGeorge's music is often just a little too edgy to have a mass appeal, which likely explains why they've found more global success through remix collaborations.

That's a pretty interesting thing to think about.

Also, AlunaGeorge write really great music and I'm happy to see them get any more exposure. So thank s for posting this!
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That's fair, and I'm probably being a little harsh. But when the story is that a song got two releases, misses both times, and then succeeds because a producer who knows how to make a hit in the US market retools it to become one...
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(To be clear, I'm not trying to say that musical merit has anything to do with pop US appeal. But based on the description, it seems like asking DJ Snake to do the remix was the extent of the “collaboration” here.)
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The song didn't "miss" both times. It was never intended/expected to be a radio hit. For what it is, it's been pretty successful. Happy that they achieved even greater success, and happy that the remix is pretty light-handed and preserves what I always loved about the song.

Now, when am I going to hear We are Chosen or Your Drums, Your Love on the radio?
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Wow, that remix is a real dud compared to the original, which has a nice swing to it, and far more interesting production.
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The original song was also a bigger hit in Europe. I get the sense they're fairly popular in the UK.

In any case, I think AlunaGeorge is great and I'm happy for the U.S. to finally catch up. Their music is young, fun and catchy in all the best ways.
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I think her voice is really unique.
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The original song was also a bigger hit in Europe. I get the sense they're fairly popular in the UK.

True, but still overshadowed by DJ Snake (at least on the continent and in Australia).
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Seconded that "Your Drums, Your Love" should have been an international superhit. While we are in praise of their work alone and with others, let us not forget the exquisite White Noise.
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