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Jeff Wysaski, the comedian behind Obvious Plant, recently pranked a grocery store by leaving a series of funny tips for shoppers in order to make their grocery experience more memorable.
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Obvious Plant is on tumblr if you want to see the source.
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STORE TIP: Pretend the floor is lava and your shopping cart is a hover craft, hop in, and race your other shoppers to the checkout line.

I do this all the time.
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Could we maybe get the link of this post changed to the actual Obvious Plant page instead of this skeezy ad-filled "article" that doesn't appear to link to the creator of its content?
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But Naan Solo never wielded a breadsaber! I hope someone got fired over that goof.
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Naan used RyeWalker's breadsaber once... in the second film.
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...or a page that doesn't magically change your 'back' button into a 'refresh' button? Like, seriously, what is the point of that? Are they thinking that you're just going to be like 'welp, guess I'm just stuck here. This is all the internet I'll ever need.'? Kill it with fire.
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I like the "tree blood" one. I think I'm going to try using it.
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I love Wysaski. Pleated-Jeans is a regular stop for me.
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I'm a bit meh on the link in the post but I love that Obvious Plant tumblr. I hadn't seen it before, thanks!
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His paint colors plant is absolutely fantastic.
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True fact: if you push your hands down on the shopping cart handle while you walk, you counter the gravitational force, simulating a low-gravity environment.

When you are walking to your car, use this trick to pretend you are an astronaut on the moon, taking long, slow, moon-walk like steps.
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There's a guy in town here who runs a wine/beverage consulting business, and was brought in to curate the wine stock for a small shop that was well known for being a seriously great source of unusual beer.

His shelf talkers look like pranks. They're awesome. It's stuff like "CLOTILDE TASTES LIKE BEING YELLED AT BY A SUPERMODEL! ANGRY AND BEAUTIFUL!" and (my personal favorite, about an esoteric rose from Susucaru) "ROSE MADE BY THE DEVIL IN HELL. DARK FRUIT. HERBACEOUS NOTES. ROCKY MINERALITY. BRUISE RED APPLE. NIGHTMARES. VOLATILE ACID. SCREAMING."
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