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The Cogmind roguelike has entered its alpha release.

Cogmind is a science fiction roguelike, which in its original incarnation was part of the seven day roguelike (7DRL) challenge. It is now in the process of being expanded into a full game, and a very stable and playable alpha release is now for sale.

Unlike most roguelikes, there aren't any of the classes or races of classic fantasy games. Instead, you play a "blank slate" robot (? probably a robot? mysterious story is mysterious) who can pick up and attach the parts of every other robot around you.

Home page
The super awesome development blog (which I spent hours reading, before purchasing the game)
Some user-produced tutorial videos to help get your bearing (although I'd say play the game a bit first, and then come back to the videos)

Buy it! The price ($30) might seem a bit steep for games of this type, but I'd say the value is definitely there, and the higher price seemed justified to me as I read the blog and understood the care, effort and time that went into it.

Oh, lastly - it's technically Windows only, but I'm using it on Mac with Wine with only one super minor problem that I could probably find a way around if I were motivated (one or two keyboard shortcuts don't work, so I have to remember to use the mouse for those). Mac instructions for Wine here. Reports in that thread that it works under Wine for Linux as well, although I don't know if the procedure is slightly different.

(I'm in the middle of my best run to date, as a flying non-combat bot avoiding conflict with improved sensors, jamming equipment, and good old-fashioned running away.)
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Sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out.

On the subjetc of roguelikes: Before Spelunky and FTL, There Was Only ASCII
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I'm a little biased since I know the programmer, but this is a really great game and if you like roguelikes or just adventure games in general it's definitely worth a look.
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I should add that one of the things I like about it is how it's got its own little robot ecosystem. You can blow up a wall and then watch little drones come and clear up the debris, followed by engineers to rebuild, and so forth. This includes horrible recycling units that zoom over and hoover up your loot while you're still in the middle of a firefight.
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Heard very good things about it, but didn't click with the 7DRL version when I poked at it the other day.

(Don't say "Cogsi Blue", don't say "Cogsi Blue", don't say "Cogsi Blue"!)
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Looks great, and is certainly something I'll be watching! I think I see a conceptual and graphical influence from the landmark Brogue, which speaks very well of it.

I'm hoping there's a better stealth/utility tree than I see in the video though.
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Wow, that is some incredible ASCII art. Amazing! Seriously considering this, thanks for posting
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I'm hoping there's a better stealth/utility tree than I see in the video though.

From what I've seen, the utility equipment is where all the fun is. How stealth works is still quite opaque to me, though - I've got a module installed that interferes with pursuit, but how to avoid detection in the first place isn't totally clear. I should emphasize that I'm still very new to things, though.
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This looks super fun, and I sort of want to kick in the $30 alpha price just to support its existence... But I can't at the time. But if I leave this browser tab open perhaps I'll remember it when I can!
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