"We never forget them, they're always with us."
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Inside a Dog Retirement Home

Nearly two-dozen dogs are spending their golden years at House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. Sher Polvinale and a team of volunteers at this Gaithersburg, Maryland, home spare no expense and care for the dogs' every need—from washing and feeding to medications and vet visits.
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oh god it's five o'clock I really shouldn't be crying at the end of the day like this
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yes this is my design
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eh, it's better than crying at 9am, I guess. let's do this

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I don't have the constitution to watch more than snippets of this without going into sadness-rage, but well done to these wonderful people.
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House With A Heart webpage. I am donating now.
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yeah, that was an unexpected sob right hook on a monday afternoon. well played.

I did love the little dog chariot contraptions tho.
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Gonna donate now, turbid dahlia. Thanks!
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Read some of the residents' stories on the webpage. It gets a bit dusty...
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Amazing group! I was on reddit last week when this was linked on /r/aww and their amazon wishlist was cleared out a few times over in the space of a couple hours, it was quite the thing to "see".
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Here in Kingston, we have Sheba's Haven, which is essentially a few folks who take in dogs for palliative care (it should surprise no one that many dogs are dumped at local SPCAs or abandoned because they are ill). I wish people who do this kind of work all the best in the world and people who dump animals for whatever reason a place in hell.
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Catherine at Sheba's is amazing! They take care of a number of my local beagle rescue's older, sicker dogs.
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There's something about old chihuahuas and dachshunds... like the basic ridiculous of their doghood transforms into the most awesome crotchety old dogness and I just want to hug them all.
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In a better world, every elderly pet (and of course every elderly human) would have access to a place like this.
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Just when you give up on humans, there are folks like these. Yay House with a Heart! Yay everyone who gives pups and kitties a happy home when they need it most. Sniff.
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I need to go give all of them hugs right now oh geez
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I was crying and hugging my own senior dog as I watched, next thing I knew, I was buying them a gross of baby wipes. Not sure how that happened.
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I like the dogs I love the dogs
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We basically run a retirement home for bulldogs. Not on this scale, we typically have three at any given time. We didn't set out to do that but apparently some rescue folks have figured out we're suckers. It's hard to do because you lose them so quickly, especially this breed. But the pooches are just sooo happy to have someone to hang out with and we've always been able to significantly improve their quality of life. We take them everywhere we can, we spoil them, we treat them as the family they are. But they give us so much more than we can ever give them. Sometimes their backgrounds are heartbreaking. Sometimes it was just someone who loved the pooch but wasn't able to take proper care of it (which is sadly common with bulldogs.) One of the current ones is a former puppy mill girl, who is really showing her personality now that she's got a steady home. We had one that bounced to seven homes in two years before she landed with us. They've all got stories and they all deserve a comfy place to crash as long as they need to.

We're currently in line for a healthy younger one of the rescue gets one in (they know we've been ending up with too many urns lately), but until then we've got a lot of happy snoring and sone hilarious hijinks going on with the oldsters when they aren't sleeping. If you have the chance to give a senior dog a home, please consider it. Rescues have a lot of trouble finding homes for the older ones. They're never around long enough, but they're very rewarding. At the very least, support your local rescues, because they never have enough resources.
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There is nothing more perfect than a dog. Any time anybody asks me for my opinion of something that I really like, in my mind I say "Well, it's pretty good, but it's not a dog." Dogs should be everywhere all the time. Our streets and buildings should be heaving with happy dogs. You need to pat all the dogs before you are allowed to start work, but the trick is, you can never pat all the dogs, because there is always another dog, and so you never work. Human existence should just be: you're born, you pat about a billion dogs, and then you are dead. Elon Musk may make good batteries but what about the dogs? Even the word: dog. If thinking "dog" doesn't make you smile then you are lost. A dog utopia. An ouroborus of dogs.

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Cats are okay too but mostly I am all about dogs.
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Cats are companions. Dogs are buddies.
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cats love us, but they also love themselves very much. dogs seem to have more room in their hearts for us, maybe because they are less aware of how wonderful they are than cats are.
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i want to fly around the universe with a time bending spaceship and a clipboard and hug each dog individually
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... inside a Dog Retirement Home it's too dark to read
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Oh Lord. I held it together for the nappies and the walking aids but Stairway to Heaven tipped me over the edge. These are Good People.
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These women are a marvel. I'm so glad they exist and they take care of these sweet dogs.
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Thank you for posting this.
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