Pfft! What kind of idiot lets their emotions control them?
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'The Numskulls' is a comic strip that started way back in 1962 in the British comic The Beezer that is now published in The Beano. It may seem a bit familiar... what happens when the Numbskulls watch Inside Out?.
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Now they need to get the original cast of Herman's Head together to do an Inside Out short.
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edit: yes that
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I thought for sure Inside Out was based on the Numbskulls (having grown up reading the Beano) so I'm surprised to find out that Pixar are claiming they didn't know anything about it. I mean does nobody at Pixar hail from the UK?
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I thought for sure Inside Out was based on the Numbskulls

That was basically my thoughts when I first saw the trailer
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Those aren't the Numskulls. These are the Numskulls.
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I don't know the Numskulls but according to Wikipedia the premise is pretty radically different from Inside Out:
Brainy - Controls Edd's brain. Brainy is the head of the numbskulls.
Blinky - Controls his sight/eyes.
Radar (originally called Luggy)- Controls his hearing/ears.
Snitch - (originally called Nosey)- Controls his smell/nose.
Cruncher - (replaced Alf & Fred) Controls his mouth/taste.
Inside Out is about personifying the emotions, not the senses.

Herman's Head is a lot closer. But, then, so what? What matters is not the premise (premises are a dime a dozen), what matters is the particular story being told and the way that story is executed. Inside Out is clearly nothing like either the Numskulls or Herman's Head in terms of the story it's telling.
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The real story here is The Beano ripping of 16th Century alchemist Paracelsus. Absolutely outrageous plagiarism.
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I did a whole Youtube series about the party girl and the mean old man who live in my head. Clearly, Pixar ripped me off too!
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