"She was a wife of Kalaiopuu, the chief when Lono [Captain Cook] came"
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A great find and a great post! I've left the following comment:
By Her Royal Highness, the Premier:—”His Hawaiian Majesty, Kamehameha III.”—”God save the King”, by the band;—21 guns, and [?????] cheers.

The omitted word is clearly "deafening."
Being a copyeditor sometimes comes in handy.
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This is excellent. I'm going to be reading these all day.
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Oh cool! Linguistically similar is the Niupepa: Maori Newspapers Archive, but you can't leave comments which makes it a lot less interactive.

(Oh, an also, example of a Hawaiian song translated to Maori in a 1924 Maori newspaper halfway down this page!)
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Great post.
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