"That was definitely an E-ticket!"
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"Roger roll, Discovery." The sweet, sweet sounds of NASA mission control audio snippets, edited for your sampling and ringtone pleasure as MP3 and M4R downloads.
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Yeah, I've been using "Houston, we have a problem" as a custom alert tone for text messages. And I like the Juno one too.
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I used to have the Sim City alert (titled WHOLECITYDISASTER.mp3) because I filtered out mentally all talky ones, including "Houston, we have a problem"and a "LIFTOFF!"

So, uh, for sampling, what's the license for these? I'm very literally asking for a friend.
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I believe all NASA-produced material is in the public domain.
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Space is so cool.
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NASA's media usage guidelines.
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Hooray, another excuse to play all of Random Access Memories just for the NASA bits in the beginning of the final track, Contact.
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Houston, we have a problem

(From the mission transcript)
CC : 13, we've got one more item for you, when you get a chance. We'd like you to stir up your cryo tanks. In addition, I have shaft and trunnion --

CMP: Okay

CC : -- for looking at the Comet Bennett, if you need it.

CMP: Okay. Stand by.


LMP: Okay, Houston - -

CDR: I believe we've had a problem here.

CC : This is Houston. Say again, please.

CDR: Houston, we've had a problem. We've had a MAIN B BUS UNDERVOLT.
Had. Not have. "Houston, we've had a problem."
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Totally using the "we've got a... good picture of Steve" one as some kind of phone sound.
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CDR: I believe we've had a problem here.

You didn't do the sound effects from Apollo 13 that showed the wiring problem.
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Totally using the "we've got a... good picture of Steve" one as some kind of phone sound.

Okay, for me personally, that may be the most useful sound ever.
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Public Service Broadcasting's latest album is built around NASA samples
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SomaFM has a great Mission Control station mixing downtempo electronic music with NASA audio.

For a change of pace try their (oddly more relaxing) SF 10-33 which layers fire and police radio over beatless ambient.
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If you like Mission Control/Space-Sounds with your music, you should check out soma.fm's "Mission Control"
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I'm disappointed that the Apollo 11 launch audio here omits the wonderful phrase early in the sequence: "Astronauts report it feels good." Fortunately it is available in WAV format here.
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The always awesome Apollo Flight Journal and Lunar Surface Journal have a lot of Apollo radio transcripts and audio available.

As previously mentioned, most NASA media is public domain, and much of it is also available at Archive.org.

Also, a version of the quindar tones is available on Wikipedia.

For all of these, a simple audio editor like Audacity could be used to trim, change format/encoding, etc., and there are plenty of online tools for making ringtones.
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PSB's album is pretty amazing-- I was just listening to it within the last hour on the way back from lunch. I usually start with "E.V.A." and work my way to "Go!" though today I started with "Fire in the Cockpit," which begins with about 30 seconds of radio static, the heavily pregnant silence on the radio channel as Grisson, Chafee, and White have stopped transmitting from the cockpit of Apollo 1. The Public Service Broadcasting guys have a talent for mixing this kind of audio with their music, compressing the events to create a terrific tension; sometimes, as in "Go!" and "The Other Side," there's a release of that tension. Sometimes, as with "Fire...", there is none.

Also, previously on the Blue.
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You forgot the KSPChatterer tag.
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provo 33
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