Remember Schwa?
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Remember Schwa? You know, the enigmatic graphic design project featuring that smiley-face of the nineties: the almond-eyed alien head? Bill Barker's sinister alien art project used to reside at, but I'm not making that URL into a link for a very good reason: it's now a porn site devoted to wife-swapping. What happened?
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Please give the link. I want to swap my wife. Can I swap her for Range Rover?
posted by Postroad at 4:15 PM on February 28, 2002

You know what happens when you link to a graphic on another site without asking permission, and the other site owner switches the graphic and suddenly you're linking to a picture of catshit? Well, it seems nobody asked the aliens if they wanted their pictures plastered all over some oddball website, and they don't...
posted by jfuller at 4:21 PM on February 28, 2002

What do the wives swap? Recipes?
posted by ColdChef at 4:26 PM on February 28, 2002

Um, yeah. Anyway, Schwa brings back old memories of when the Net was still ftp and www was but a glimmer in Marc Andreesen's eye. A quick search of google; looks like he hasn't done much since 2000. is still registered to BB, I guess you could write him if you wanted to.
posted by jeremias at 4:29 PM on February 28, 2002

Oh good I thought for a second we were talking about Eric Costello's Schwa.
posted by riffola at 4:34 PM on February 28, 2002

so is that wife-schwapping?
posted by billder at 4:45 PM on February 28, 2002

What happened?

The answer is simple, zettai.
posted by jonmc at 4:53 PM on February 28, 2002

From the dirty, dirty site:


Spellcheck, people. Spellcheck. How am I supposed to take you seriously as a pornographer if you don't learn the basics of your craft? Professionalism is important to the smut trade.
posted by ColdChef at 5:03 PM on February 28, 2002

The basics of my craft:

Craft Domain of Origin: The Salt Mines of Calisto

Class: Garbage Scow

Grosse Tonnage: 383.47

Crew: 6 officers, 17 Midscowmen, 49 Scow Technicians/Expendables

Propulsion: Modified Genesis Com-maro 18 pulse. Twin Gulf Short Fins (tweaked to Standard 7.9.1-3+)!

Mission: To orbit Uranus searching for Klingons. All holes filled.
posted by sharksandwich at 6:03 PM on February 28, 2002

I remeber the book that the Schwa Corporation put out. A real shiny collection of computer designed silver alien pictures. Sorta neat.
posted by destro at 7:12 PM on February 28, 2002

Uh, Zettai, when you let a domain expire all kinds of things can happen, depending on who scoops it up and redirects it. It might even fail to resolve. But the porn site option also seems to be popular.
posted by dhartung at 8:31 PM on February 28, 2002

Tell me about it. just ain't as swell as it used to be.
posted by wendell at 9:45 PM on February 28, 2002

...although it is perhaps more swollen.
posted by bradlands at 1:02 PM on March 1, 2002

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