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Episode 1: Jedi Party. Episode 2: The Friend Zone. Episode 3: Revenge of Middle Management. And now, Episode 4: Laser Moon Awakens. See also: The smoking and youth biology PSAs. And, of course, this (previously).
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It's quite the hefty watch (they're best watched in order), but it's damned good! Certainly more enjoyable than the base films. It recasts the jedi as a bunch of selfish party-obsessed midichlorian-addicts roaming the galaxy getting in dancefights and sound-system contests, trashing clubs and running police blockades, until Anakin sells out to the dark side of corporate life. It's kind of like Archer crossed with Trainspotting... with C-3P0's sideplot rendered in a terrifying new light. It starts to develop a love-triangle storyline that turns around 'friendzoning', but it skewers it and casts the two guys involved as complete douchebags.

The lip-synching is sometimes a little loose, but the voice-acting and sound/video editing are top-notch. I'm sure it's taken a huge amount of work, too, especially this new episode at 40 minutes! It actually smooths over the transition from prequels to main trilogy more smoothly than the base films, though the slower pace and older look is slightly jarring with the comedy style... anyway. It's a lot of fun, worth watching!
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"What of our bargain? You promised me flesh!"
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"Make sure everybody has Zimas"
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I am a huge fan of their work on the prequels, but I felt the New Hope fell kind of flat. I think that might be because the prequels had more senseless visual effects for their own sake, stitched together with a ton of lengthy dialog, which makes it a lot easier to reconstrue it in a different light by just swapping out the dialog.

Though also I was really hoping that obi-wan ben-larry kenobi (steve) would get into more trouble
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The Creepio side plot is simply amazing. My kid adores this and my wife doesn't get it, so we are plotting to leave her.
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There's some good stuff in there. The dance music scenes could have been cut down 90% to keep the pacing and flow of jokes going. Spending two and a half minutes beating a joke to death (pun intended) that could be paired down to 20 seconds of concentrated silliness feels like they were looking for some of that iTunes money.

Looking at their iTunes link in the video description, it seems that my suspicions were correct. I don't hold it against them, as money certainly helps keep these things coming. I hadn't given it much thought until now, but there is certainly a trend with people who distribute their creations for free (most often when using copyrighted source material) that there is "the money scene," where you place original content that you can sell, such as songs. It's interesting that it's moving from just a "naturally occurring" element of a short to something that's planned for and noticeable as something separate from the whole. It's like a weird incarnation of the way advertisements in 50's TV and radio shows would be weaved into the show's plot. What's different about it now is that it's a commercial for a product inside a larger version of itself - "advertisement inception," if you will. While I wince at using the 'inception' cliche, it does seem appropriate in this case.
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It's Danger 5. About the only thing missing is a time-travelling Hitler. Not that that's a bad thing.
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