The Thousand Year Journey
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My best friend, Jedidiah, quit a job that he loved to ride his bicycle from Oregon to the southern tip of South America. I joined him for a month and a half to ask why.
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Looks amazing! Since I’ve been thinking of doing some shorter-range bike touring, I was hoping this would have some detail on the how and the challenges interspersed with the millenial spirit quest vibe.
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migurski, check out While Out Riding which has a packlist, gear reviews and a blog along with some breathtaking photographs. You can also read tourers' blogs on crazyguyonabike and the Bicycle Touring facebook group is a great resource for logistics and daydreaming/living vicariously.
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How is this person getting through the Darién Gap is what I want to know.
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wyndham, I'm sure he took a boat from Panama to Colombia - everyone does. It's not really considered 'cheating' or whatever because it's so dangerous there, it's almost impossible to cross by land.
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Yeah that was my understanding and why I was so curious. But yeah, that's still an amazingly long and I'm sure life-changing journey. Meanwhile I'm thinking about the West Coast Trail and that's scary enough!
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Did Werner Herzog teach us nothing?
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Well, not quite everyone - not Ian Hibbell!
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reminds me of kevin kelly :P (still biking!)
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wyndham, the West Coast Trail shouldn't be too scary for a moderately fit person. We did it many years ago, and I saw little kids and older folks there. I'm thinking about doing it again...
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The Vogel family did something similar - riding from Alaska to Argentina - including with two kids. Now that's amazing.
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