1/20th the size of 5k: the 256b competition
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1/20th the size of 5k: the 256b competition
Most won't work on anything but Win/IE5+, and you have to download the (65.2Kb) .zip file, but ... wow.
posted by sylloge (11 comments total)
Damn. Milo has some fantastic stuff entered there. The presentation of the entries could be better, great link though.
posted by kokogiak at 11:13 PM on February 28, 2002

That is some really interesting stuff. Here's the source code for a 198 byte color picker
posted by riffola at 11:25 PM on February 28, 2002

Milo's the hardest workin' man in 256 bytes. "the don of dhtml" we should call him. He's a badass.
posted by mathowie at 11:30 PM on February 28, 2002

(Forgot to say that I originally found it from Milo's site — my favorite of his entries is "Spike": click it for more action.)

Tech-Satellite is genius for its exploitation of existing system resources; Mados-Plastic is a gorgeous effect that I have never seen before; and the two Iotic Moire entries are amazing: totally made of "_" and "/". (I also like the homage to two good 5k entries (1, 2) in Madros-Lightswitch and Hultgreen-I_am_insane.)

Hopefully they will be put online somewhere so they can be linked to directly.
posted by sylloge at 11:31 PM on February 28, 2002

awww damnit, deadline was a few hours ago. I have a Flash piece I could have entered (I'm surprised that there was only one in there).
posted by mkn at 12:16 AM on March 1, 2002

Only problem is, filling 5120 bytes for this year's 5k compo is gonna be a real challenge - what am I going to do with all that space?! ^_^
posted by milov at 1:48 AM on March 1, 2002

Think of it as a luxury suite milo. Stretch out and be at home.
posted by kokogiak at 7:03 AM on March 1, 2002

256 bytes? Hah! When I was a kid, we never had 256 bytes! We had to code our ecommerce portals backwards, carved into big rocks, using only 8 bytes! The kids of today...
posted by dagny at 8:26 AM on March 1, 2002

wow. a lot of the entries actually crashed my browser. nonetheless, very cool.
posted by mcsweetie at 8:57 AM on March 1, 2002

Speaking of which - when is the 5K this year?


Milo, excellent work yet again. I love evil twin.

(More good stuff right here: http://www.milov.nl/iambald)
posted by sans at 9:33 AM on March 1, 2002

FYI: non-zipped, directly-linkable copies of my entries here:
posted by milov at 11:27 AM on March 1, 2002

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