The wine that came in from the cold
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Moldova is famous for its wine. This should come as no surprise.
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Sounds like a CEED III program would be a good idea. Or even better, CEED III and some sort of initiative to help Moldavia reduce corruption within its government, as that seems to be the main factor driving Moldavians back toward closer ties with Russia.
posted by Kevin Street at 3:08 PM on August 4, 2015

Moldovan wine is amazing, even made in the backyard and served out of Fanta bottle.

This is beyond economic warfare, this is a DICK MOVE, RUSSIA.
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Now, I fear for our supply of Sereksia.
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I was just reading about the similar situation in Georgia:
When Russia lifted the trade embargo in 2013, grape prices nearly doubled. Mr. Dakishvili’s winery, Schuchmann Wines, began selling nearly 40% of its output to Russia.

But Mr. Dakishvili is worried what might happen if the Russian market collapses and people in Georgia lose jobs. “I think they want to make us dependent on Russia again, to have another lever to pressure Georgia,” he said. The Russian economic slowdown—a consequence of falling oil prices and Western sanctions over Ukraine—has already reverberated in Georgia by cutting the volume of remittances Georgian migrants in Russia send home.
And now, Russia is threatening to extend its food embargo to seven countries, including Georgia, which would again hit the wine industry - even though Georgia didn't join the EU sanctions against Russia.

Now, I fear for our supply of Sereksia.

Any idea if it can be found in the DC area? We have one store we go to for Georgian Saperavi and Mukuzani, I will have to check there.
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Bankruptcy Looms For Moldova - "Bringing down pro-EU governments fits all too well with Russia’s ambitions in the region. In which case the EU's denial of budgetary support to Moldova is political suicide. Without that support, Moldova will collapse. And a failed state sandwiched between the unstable Ukraine and fragile Balkans – and featuring a pro-Kremlin enclave described by the FT[*] as a 'flashpoint' – is the last thing the EU needs. It should think again."

and in other news from the region...
-Because of Greek debacle, opposition to tough reforms required for international bailout rising in Ukraine
-Former Georgia president shakes up Odessa
-Imperial ambitions have pushed Europe to its limits
-Merkel, Hollande urge Ukraine leader to give rebels self-rule

wine is at the core of the country's economy, accounting for one-fifth of its GDP and employing one-quarter of its labor force, according to a 2010 government report

-What did Moldova export in 2010?
-What did Moldova export in 2013?

it looks like they've diversified more into fiber optics?
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