One Billion Dates
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Alec Robbins is a person of many talents, most of which can be summed up in his look at his unfinished work, that spans comics, poetry, and film. Most recently he spent 1,600 of his own money to shoot, direct, and edit his latest short film in which he also acted the main character, One Billion Dates
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That was insane. I loved it. Thank you for posting.
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I liked it. There are a lot of short, sit-commy films online where a woman goes on dates and her friends pressure her to get married and all that, and for the early minutes I kind of worried it was going to be the same-old Buzzfeed-y relationship comedy bleh. But his comics looked really interesting, so I stuck with the film and it definitely goes places you wouldn't expect.

I'm frankly surprised it cost that much. Not that it looked cheap, but because these days you can film and edit for free. If he gave me $200, I could probably get him all the props and software he'd need to make this movie. Where did that other $1400 go? Maybe it seems naive on my part, but it's a sincere question.
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He spent 1,600 moneys?
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The Berenstein Bears never showed up
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This was fun! Although I was really hoping that "1,600 of his own money" wasn't a typo.

Special Thanks: Jerry Maguire
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