"One dog goes one way and the other dog goes the other way."
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It starts with one of cinema's most famous paintings (you may have seen it before), but it doesn't end there. Guardian contributor Alex Godfrey does a little investigating into a famous movie prop and discovers the life of its subject, John Weaving.
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awesome, as most of ALONZO MOSLEY FBI's links usually are
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That just made me deliriously happy.
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This was a really good rabbit hole.

And Morrie's Wigs!
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That was great! And a special shout out to Brocky (West) and Twiggy (East).

For $2 you can buy the back issue of National Geographic where "Where the Shannon River Flows" appears; a bargain for Goodfellas fans.

I also found a great page collecting pictures of women who featured in the magazine back in 1978 - including this picture of a women at Ballinasloe fair - from the from the River Shannon article and also taken by Adam Woolfitt.
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I also found a great page collecting pictures of women who featured in the magazine back in 1978.

I'm not this guy -- I'm a huge nerd and enthusiast of all things digital -- but looking back at old issues of NatGeo, I have to say that I think we may be losing something in the move away from film SLRs.
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Does anyone want to take a stab at what breed of dog these are? They resemble my mutt pretty closely.
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Brocky and Twiggy! Very good looking dogs.

Some kind of Staffordshire bull terrier and lab mix that hasn't been over-bred for stockiness?
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Alonzomosleyfbi - thanks so much for posting this. I love 'down the rabbit hole' web discoveries and this was a doozy of one. And rongorongo, thanks for your link because I feel like starting my own rabbit hole trail, finding out what has become of some of the other people featured in that 1978 National Geographic.
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