An In-Depth History of One Block of Greene Street in SoHo, NYC
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The entirety of Greene Street in SoHo is pretty short, as New York City streets go -- just five blocks long. Walk along it today between Houston and Prince Streets and you’ll pass an Apple Store, a Ralph Lauren store, and a variety of other high-end retailers. A hundred and forty years ago, you’d be walking by brothels. A new website, The Greene Street Project: A Long History of a Short Block, covers more than four hundred years of that one block section -- just 486 feet long -- illustrated with photographs, maps, newspaper clippings, survey data, and charts.

* City Lab: The Economics Lessons in a Single New York City Block: How Greene Street went from a red-light district to hosting some of the highest property values in the world.
* Wired: From Brothels to Luxury, Mapping 400 Years on One NYC Block
* Greene Street is also home to New York City's most unusual subway map.
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Reminds me of the BBC doc series The Secret History of our Streets
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I love this kind of thing; I wish they'd do it for every street in every major city in the world!
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You can order a 1940's era photo of just about every building in NYC here. I have one for my home in Tribeca, and it's full of little period details. The exposures were pretty long, so a woman walking by is just a smear with a single crisply-imaged very high heeled shoe firmly planted on the sidewalk.
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/obligatory rant about how Manhattan is nothing but a rich playground now
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