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(nice post!)
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(prompted by this LiveJournal post)
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YASSSS I love these. Although the men's fashion one bugs - most of the clothes don't look right on that guy because dudes as a rule weren't ripped in most of the last century. Wish they had picked someone a bit lankier.
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ha! i was going to post some of these last night. this is better than what i had put together, though.
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Love this. Thanks for posting!
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Also came in here to say that the men's fashion one was stupid. It's more like, "modern-day interpretations of 100 years of men's fashion." Newsflash: men have not been wearing closely-tailored slim-fitting clothes consistently for the last 100 years.

Having watched a bunch more, many of these have an awfully modern takes on the styles and aesthetics they present. But! It's interesting to see how different people and countries presented their retrospectives. Generally speaking the beauty ones seemed more faithful. I thought it was an especially interesting touch that the German presentation split into separate screens for East and West Germany.

The fashion ones are probably made additionally difficult as a result of the fact that physical characteristics have also gone in and out of fashion.
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No the men’s fashion one is totally wrong! or, skewed, they use fancy elegant attire for the first decades and then from the 80’s onwards it’s all downhill depressing because they deliberately go for the most awful "casual" look. But those are the decades where men’s fashion really took off, high fashion, amazing stuff on the men’s catwalks. Sure there’s probably too much to choose from for 3 minutes but either split the videos and do a casual vs fancy look history or don’t mix the two.

I see they did that for the women’s fashion too but it looks worse for men... not fair.

The beauty by country ones are cool though. Lots of fun to watch.
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There's an amateur video of Italy that is more on point than the Cut Video one because the Cut video chose to focus on high fashion instead of street wear.

And man, oh man, the East London video is great. I wish I could pull a Teddy Girl look.
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How did the Men's swimwear miss the Speedo? Let alone the one sided thong or Borat?
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Some terrific stuff in there- the Glam ones made me laugh, and they had a lot of closely related Buzzfeed Video links that I'm pretty sure can induce seizures in anyone over 25.

"modern-day interpretations of 100 years of men's fashion."

History is always perceived via the lens of the present; you can try to take measures against it, but it's pretty much unavoidable.

What will "Fashions of the 20th/21st Centuries" look like in 2106 or 2209? Sure, they'll have a lot of the same data, but it'll be coloured by whatever their dominant paradigm is.
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What will "Fashions of the 20th/21st Centuries" look like in 2106 or 2209?

Ladies fashion of 2010! *model wearing one of Lady Gaga's stage outfits*
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