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Man, Subnormality is so great. Something about the narrative structure of this one seems like it could have been taken straight out of a Bradbury story from the 50's. I wish I could remember more specifically what it reminds me of.

Somewhat related: the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer.
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The characters in this story set my teeth on edge. Really fiercely. I find it hard to articulate why. It's something about the way they talk to each other. I think I feel about it the way I've heard people describe feeling about twee; but I love twee. Other than that, I've got nothing.
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Oh damn, I meant to make an FPP when I saw this comic go up, but it totally slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder; it was a joy to read it again. Also, previously, my other favorite recent Subnormality.
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Thanks for posting this. I didn't notice when I read it the first time the interpretive sign saying that nobody knew the pod played that message and it was only discovered by accident. Also, I didn't pick up on the red-haired woman being the recently departed Ken's daughter until I saw it in the comments.
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I LOVE SUBNORMALITY SO MUCH, GOD BLESS WINSTON ROWNTREE, although i prefer the ongoing adventures of ethel/Pink Hair/Zoe/Sphynx/Airplanes Lady/The Generals to the one-offs

still, subnormality hergghh love it so much
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i prefer the ongoing adventures of ethel/Pink Hair/Zoe/Sphynx/Airplanes Lady/The Generals to the one-offs

I also love the recurring character work, but my god, his one-offs are like the difference between hearing Pavarotti doing a perfect scale and hearing him do Nessun dorma.
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Somehow I keep forgetting to go back to Subnormality, despite it being The Best Thing. I probably have it bookmarked in seven different places by now.
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Yeah, the red-haired woman being the daughter in combination with the calendar "visit mom and dad" -> "visit mom". Awful dusty in here.
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It took a little doing (so many text balloons, and I didn't at first understand that the top panels were a prologue to a time shift), but I finally got into it enough to really enjoy this.

Tangentially related is a section from Lois Bujold's Barrayar that resonated when I was young, and really brought me comfort after my first miscarriage, and seems to carry a similar sentiment.
    It's...a transcendental act. Making life. I thought about that, when I was carrying Miles. 'By this act, I bring one death into the world.' One birth, one death, and all the pain and acts of will between. I didn't understand certain mystic symbols like the Death-mother, Kali, till I realized it wasn't mystic at all, just plain fact. [...] Our children change us...whether they live or not."
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I love how that was constructed. Got really tough to read, though, what with the tears and feeling choked up.
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Great comic, but induced a dizzying sense of temporal vertigo. I'm fine with heights, but don't ask me to confront the future, please, especially one that looks halfway plausible.
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This wouldn't load properly on my phone, and I didn't have another internet device until yesterday. I'm really really glad I decided to come back to this and read it (and especially on a full screen, good comics deserve a good viewing device). Thanks for posting.
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This has come back to me a lot in the few days since I've read it. Thanks for sharing.
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