Office Chairiot: Why motorize an office chair? That's a silly question
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Let's say you work somewhere hot, and you have to travel between office buildings. You're handy with various technologies, so you make your chair capable of speeding (and drifting, somewhat) around work. Once you've gone this far, why stop? Making it remotely controllable is basic. Why not add a lot of crazy features like individually programmable lights and a pressure-sensitive seat alarm?

Andy has been speeding around his office for over 5 years, and he has continued to modify and improve the Office Chairiot. Andy goes on to detail how he made the Office Chairiot Mark II, and has a website for the Chairiot with even more information. Andy and the Office Chairiot were also featured on the local Phoenix Fox channel, where the interviewer really had some fun.
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I adore stuff like this! Also I think I need one. Alas, it would wholly freak out the office dogs and cats (a.k.a. The Board of Directors) so it's not gonna happen.
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But can it get him to the Grand Canyon?
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A power chair, basically.
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Sooo... is this better, cheaper, more durable, etc than current power chairs? Are DIY wheelchairs going to be a thing?
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It looks less comfortable, and quite a bit less safe, but it's also nice and fast, which is often an issue for power chairs.
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Hawking rolls with way more style.
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Hawking rolls with way more style.

All My Shootings Be Drivebys
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