Battle of the Hellclowns
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Bombastic GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been dis-invited from an upcoming conservative gathering after doubling down on his sexist comments towards moderator (and FOX News star) Megyn Kelly during the first republican debate. Trump took his grievances to twitter, lambasting Kelly and the other FOX News hosts for perceived sleights during the debate, further deepening the rift between himself and the de-facto media arm of the republican party. Does this spell war for Donald Trump and FOX News?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Sorry, but we have a couple of open threads on Trump already, and this incident is also currently being discussed in the GOP debates thread. -- taz

And yet we'll probably still have people here warn us all that we should underestimate Donald Trump at our own peril.

The sideshow is winding down, folks. It was fun and horrifying while it lasted, but they're already shuttering up the cotton candy stand and the skeeball booth.
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Wait! Not the skeeball. I almost have enough tickets for a comb-over!
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