Napster users are named in the latest battle
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Napster users are named in the latest battle Some have admitted to being a criminal while others say who cares? Metallica sure doesn't seem like it is going to back down. The article says Metallica is scheduled to chat with fans online at the Web site to explain its fight against Napster. So is any action going to be taken against the fans who want the music?
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Aren't the Metallica guys breaking the cardinal rule of lawsuits? (i.e. "Go for the deepest pockets!") I don't know what they expect to get out of people who can't even afford their albums...

And do they not care that they come off looking like big bullies, using their millions to squeeze a few extra grand out of J. Random Listener?
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Didn't Metallica always allow the fans to bootleg their shows?
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I knew there was a damned good reason why I never used Napster. I assume that only files that you've deliberately chosen to share through the service are visible to other Napster users. Still, I'm a bit leery of showing even a chunk of my hard drive to the entire world.
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After Napster, what next? Should they sue those people that dare to let others borrow their copy of Metallica CDs? What about the CDRW drives that could be used to make copies of these CDs?

I thought music and art was about self expression and communication, not about getting every last penny from selling it.
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