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In the midst of their five night engagement at Madison Square Garden, members of U2 took a bit of time off from their usual gig. First, Adam Clayton and the Edge made a surprise appearance at the 20th anniversary party of fansite @U2, joining a tribute band onstage to play a couple of songs. Then, the entire band sat down with the Scotts for the U Talkin' U2 To Me? episode years in the making, including multiple I Love Films segments and the band finally giving the Scotts some swag. (Still no t-shirts.)
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So been waiting for this, thanks!!!
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But wait, this is the Internet, we're only allowed to hate everything U2.

Isn't that in the contract? Aren't we going to lose our cred?

[This is good]
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That's completely awesome.
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It's been a long time since I really listened to U2, but this is fantastic. I guess I'm in an emotional mood because it made me tear up knowing how happy it made their fans.
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It's been a long time since I really listened to U2

Might you say 'SBEENAWHIIILE?
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Might you say 'SBEENAWHIIILE?
Googling didn't even help me with that one!
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God bless those loveable lads from Liverpool!
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but no college girls?
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Who is in the band?
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For a tiny, tiny group this podcast is a massive meme generator!

This is good rock and uh roll music.
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That was out of control, that was.
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Who is in the band?

Bonobos, Thedge, Larry Mullen Senior's Son and Adam Clay 2000 Pounds, of course.

Also meant to link this but forgot: with the help of Jimmy Fallon, Bono rides a bike for the first time after his accident.
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Thanks, The Edge.
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Minor correction: it was an 8 night engagement at Madison Square Garden.

Good, fun interview!
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These guys are from England and who gives a shit?

...See, when you come out of those up-tempo goddamn numbers, man, it's impossible to make those transitions
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This has been one of my favorite podcasts and I'm sorry to see it end, if indeed it is really ending. The previous episode, when they attend a show and very briefly meet Adam and Bono is also pretty good.

Aside from this last episode, very little of the podcast is actually about U2.
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Good ep.
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Killer ep.
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if it turns out to be so, it was a C+ ending to a C+ podcast. Also the drawing that Bonobos made for the Scotts would officially be declared my most treasured possession.
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As a non-U2'er— I fell into listening to this podcast after listening to the late, great Harris Wittels host another great podcast with Scott Auckerman called Analyse Phish where he tries to make Scott (Comedy Bang-Bang) realize the greatness of Phish.

This podcast takes it to another level of just random fun bantering between two friends, and it's just absolutely perfect and joy-inducing that it actually ended with U2 turning up (without any god-damn t-shirts!) for an interview. Pure joy.

Every time you hear Adam Scott (of Parks and Rec fame) say "Hmm that's great" you'll smile knowing that he's cringing to his core listening back to it.

So yourself a favour, plow into it.
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Great ep.
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I loved that the band cracked up whenever Scott & Scott segued into an episode of "I Love Films." It could have been really awkward, but they totally got it.

Also Bonobos' illustration gift...
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I can't believe that after finally getting the band's juicy butts on the podcast the Scotts didn't ask the band when they first heard of U2.

I'm just waiting for this to be revealed as a successful marketing move by U2 to tap into the lucrative comedy podcast nerd demographic. I know I've listened to more U2 since I started listening to UTU2tM?.
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As a big CBB fan, I was really puzzled when I first heard about UTU22M. I'm old enough that U2 wasn't always a punchline for me, but the idea that the Scotts were actual serious fans of the band took a bit of getting used to. Regardless, it was great podcast because it's two amazing comedian friends just shooting the shit and goofing with each other, which I'm always happy to listen to.

At the very end of the last (hopefully not?) episode, Scott goes into a nice bit about how damaging the culture of being too cool to like anything can be, and how amazing it was for them to see the fan response to show even among people who don't like U2. Definitely seemed to be a nice answer to the reservations about the subject matter I had going in.

My only major gripe with the interview: I know it would have been a little tacky for him to say anything in the moment, but given that one of Scott's go-to bits is doing a bad John Lennon impression ("Uuuuoooh Oym the world's biggest creep!") that seems to come from a place of genuine (deserved) disrespect for the guy, it was a little jarring to hear him right there with Bono in commemorating the dude.
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Meh, they jumped the shark the last episode anyway, but those first few... pure comedy gold. It was much more fun when they were just geeky fanboys havin' fun. Oh, and Terrorist Wittels.
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