Accumulating Stitch by Stitch
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Nina Paley Animates the Passover song Chad Gadya In one of the most labor intensive feat taking a year and a half, Nina Paley animates Chad Gadya on matzoh covers. She calls the process "embrodermation" Her work had been featured on the site previously and 1, 2
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Stunning. I saw a few frames of this previewed on her site long ago, and I was amazed at the labor and the beauty of the result.
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Co-creator Theo Gray, previously (and previouslier, and... etc.).
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Comprised of thousands of individual photographs taken at NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art, with music by Todd Michaelsen, here is Nina Paley's wonderful short piece titled All Creative Work is Derivative.
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- Beautiful and amazing.

- Knowing the song, about half way through I thought "Ooh, these embroideries are about to get serious."

- The goat's pretty appropriate, as the supposedly earliest animated drawing is of a goat.
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Amazing. I'm surprised she didn't keep it for a Passover release, though.
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Ooh, and she will sell you the covers! if only I were made of money.

And the rest of the shorts for Seder-Masochism look great. Super excited.
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A Stick Necked People is rather good
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I also love Theodore Grey's explanation of the stitching and design process. He reminds me of Knuth designing a typesetting system because he wasn't satisfied with the layout in his book.
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Did anyone else notice the wine label?
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Wow - Amazing. Am seriously wanting one of the matzah covers.
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Because normal hand animation isn't laborious enough, apparently. Holy shit. I mean okay yeah the embroidery is done by a computer-controlled machine based on animation done in Flash but wow.

(I also like the note in the explanation Joe in Australia linked to that Paley uses "Macromedia Flash, because that's her tool of choice, and because it can export animation sequences in vector file format, unlike crap Flash after Adobe ruined it". I wonder if she's a fan of Flash 4 or Flash 5? I would assume not MX, because Adobe hasn't really changed the UI since MX ruined it.)
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