Blue Velvet
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SYTL The Internet God demands I share.
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How did they sing Lana Del Ray's song 60 years ago? Must be like time travel in William Gibson's The Peripheral.
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Until yesterday I never knew that the '80s version of this song was a cover.
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A ride? Now that's a good idea! (NSFW).
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Candy Colored Clown
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A ride? Now that's a good idea!

Oh, so it's going to be that kind of thread.

Heineken?! (kinda NSFW)

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For my money, Tony Bennett's 1951 Blue Velvet is the best version, topping even Bobby Vinton's goofy, bouncing-ball performance. Tony Bennett evokes more of the mood of Isabella Rosselini's nightclub performance in the movie.
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Growing up in the '60s, I was inundated with the Bobby Vinton version via my parents' "M.O.R."* radio choices. So much so that I came to assume that a blue velvet dress was what was worn by a girl who didn't want anything to do with me.

*Middle Of the Road, it was a radio format category back then, honest.
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Baby wants blue velvet.
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I was once at a video art installation where you approached the video from a long, white corridor heavily carpeted in beige with the ceiling slowly sloping down. As you walked the hallway got dimmer and dimmer and the sound of "In Dreams" playing got louder and louder, from barely audible at the start to overpoweringly loud at the end.

It was like being hypnotized, or falling into a dream. It was the closest I've ever felt to being literally enchanted. I got giddy, scared to enough to nearly grab someone's hand for comfort. It was the most effective haunted house trick I've ever seen, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE IN THAT ROOM?!

Sadly the actual video couldn't live up to that walk, but ever since then I get a little nervous when I hear In Dreams out in the wild, like I might accidental turn a corner and be back there again.
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