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OH man It's so late I just wish I had four hours to hang out with these guys I'm gonna have to check in another time but wow.
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Hey, art! Cool.
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"My teacher Stefan Wolpe was a Marxist and he felt my music was too esoteric at the time. And he had his studio on a proletarian street, on Fourteenth Street and Sixth Avenue. . . . He was on the second floor and we were looking out the window, and he said, 'What about the man on the street?' At that moment . . . Jackson Pollock was crossing the street." - Morton Feldman
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"My past experience was not to 'meddle' with the material, but use my concentration as a guide to what might transpire. I mentioned this to [German composer Karlheinz] Stockhausen once when he had asked me what my secret was. 'I don't push the sounds around.' Stockhausen mulled this over, and asked: 'Not even a little bit?'" - Morton Feldman
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"Most music is metaphor, but [Christian] Wolff is not. I am not metaphor either. Parable, maybe. Cage is sermon." - Morton Feldman
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"The composer makes plans, music laughs." - Morton Feldman
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This is extraordinary, and beautiful. Thank you!
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Brilliant. Thank you.
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I am convinced that years ago I heard a composition of a looped dialogue of parts of this (?) conversation. I've searched the usual places, ubuweb, open culture, archive etc. but came up with nothing. Anybody around here know if I'm looking for a unicorn, or if this recording actually exists somewhere?
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Wow. Wow.

Would anyone with the time and inclination be willing to download the audio and make it available for people to put on their mobile listening devices?
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Audio? I think it is available here. But only in streaming format.
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Sorry about all this, but UbuWeb has it as MP3.
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This is wonderful, thanks. Pretty wild to hear Cage talk about how by the year 2000 wage inequality will be eradicated and society can start focusing on preventing war.
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Finally have time to listen to this and it's lovely. What's impressive is the pace of the conversation. People don't talk at that speed any more, in my experience. Even when friends are bouncing ideas off each other the pace is like a a game with a time limit, scoring points by zingers and argumentative one-ups. Cage's and Feldman's thoughts languidly move and influence each other's thoughts and it's like a graceful mental ballet in action.
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I mean I can't really picture Feldman doing anything hastily.
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Full of anecdotes about the legendary composer, Gillespie relates one that captures Cage’s personality. He remembers the day Cage brought a new score for Living Room Music to the C. F. Peters office and was asked how many copies he’d want for himself. “He was leaving on the elevator,” Gillespie says, “and he turned around and said, ‘None. I don’t have a living room.’ I’ll never forget that. Then he was gone. The elevator doors closed and everybody was laughing.”
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