Ring stuck on your finger?
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A few creative techniques to remove a ring that is stuck on your finger.
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For what it's worth, I thought the Windex one might be bogus, but I just used it to get an impossible ring off in less than 10 seconds.
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I've used the tape technique twice, once on someone else, once on myself. A++, but would not get bitten by an insect again, nor recommend someone else does.
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After the second time I had to have my rings cut off, mid-arthritis flare, I simply stopped wearing rings altogether.
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I learned the Windex trick 15 years ago from an fabulous little jeweler in Augusta, Ga. Ever since, it's been one of my cool tricks that nobody knows about that totally works and makes me look extra awesome!! Now metafilter is outing me!! Can a mod take that link down? Please? Pretty please? 😜
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Now I'm dying of curiosity. Which jeweler here in Augusta?
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I used to be in the jewelry business. Between cleaning glass, silver, and removing rings, we went through a lot of windex. If the windex didn't do it, it was time for this thing. I don't think I'd have been comfortable performing the borderline medical procedure ones with the rubber band and dental floss on a customer.
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The borderline medical procedure with the dental floss would be a lot less borderline if you used a toothpick to work the end of the floss under the ring instead of a sharp stabby safety pin.
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Best way, use Windex and get someone who loves you enough to really pull. I tried asking a coworker for help, but they were too squeamish and afraid of my pain. Now a mother will have enough pent up rage to really yank that mofo.
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