What is this, a pub for ants?
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Feel like spending 20 minutes watching somebody build an elaborate dollhouse-sized bar today? Here you go.
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I watched this on 2 times speed ant it was great!
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So soothing. Wasn't it The Thin Man (Nick Charles) who said "there's nothing so relaxing as watching another man at work"?

This beats those over-enthusiastic (officious?) ASMR videos any time.
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I like how the description says "How to make a miniature bar" — as if, by following these simple steps, I too could make something similarly detailed and beautiful, instead of the glue-caked shoebox diorama nightmare that would be the inevitable end product.

I'd probably end up bending my wookiee, too.
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The pub has to be at least...three times bigger than this!
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Then you can watch a baby destroy an elaborate dollhouse-sized bar in a minute and a half. (previously)
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Those curtains. Well, you know what they say: "There's no accounting for taste".
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Oh god I have entered a world of videos from which I cannot escape.

Miniatures are just the best. I... I can't even describe them. Or understand my own compulsion to want them. Little things? Little versions of things? YES PLEASE. One of my coworkers sent me this while back - Where To Buy Modern Minis - and I don't know why I have to repeatedly convince myself that I don't need to spend money on this. What would I even do with it? IT'S NOT HUMAN SIZED.

Then I found the tiniest little miniature scotch bottles on a Japanese website I can no longer see in my bookmarks and all bets were off. They reproduced tiny little labels! That you could only see under a magnifying glass!

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