The Indigo Girls - The Making Of One Lost Day
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30+ year veteran folk-rock duo Indigo Girls release their first ever behind the scenes making of documentary film about the recording of One Lost Day, their first album in four years.(Vimeo) [1h5m] (YouTube)

"It's LIVE! Although we've dreamed it in the past, this special video release about the making of "One Lost Day" wasn't our idea... it took a very special film maker to bring this project to fruition! She was our fly on the wall, our friend with a camera and our attitude adjuster just by her sheer presence. This is an honest view into our process and our musical evolution as we worked with producer Jordan Hamlin- rehearsing, arranging, singing, playing, and recording the new music- the digital 1's and 0's of our life were going down for better or worse. Sometimes awkward and embarrassing in its revelations, we decided to let this film roll and show our days as they really existed in all their goofiness, grumpiness, ecstasy, stubbornness, musicality and creativity!

We have endless gratitude to Kathlyn Horan from Tin Fish Films for showing up every day and making this happen. Not only does this film tell a story that brings our new songs to life for the listener, but personally, it helps Emily and me to remember and celebrate a thoroughly intense and satisfying moment in our career."

- Amy Ray
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30+ year veteran folk-rock duo Indigo Girls

Dude. Way to make a lesbian feel old.
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...but I was a babyqueer just discovering Indigo Girls YESTERDAY I SWEAR
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> Dude. Way to make a lesbian feel old.

Right? Damn.

For some reason, it was Secure Yourself that popped into my head first thing when I saw this post.
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Dude! I was listening to IG before anyone even knew they were lesbians! #qualitymusicrules
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I think my boyfriend first played IG for me in like 1992. He played their music constantly. Of course, he ruined my life, so I've had my baggage with regard to Amy and Emily, but I got over it and now I like them again.

I approve of this post.
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Interestingly enough, the woman who introduced me to Indigo Girls also had a run at ruining my life. I, too, got over it and approve of this post.
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The guy who got me into the Indigo Girls remains just awesome and lovely. And I learned so very much about good harmony singin' from those two.
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I've been an Indigo Girls fan for ... quite a while now. That's all I have to say. (=
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Got tickets to see them coming in a month or so! Dragging my daughter with me, she'll love this!
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Okay I just finished watching it, and like it a lot. Though it took like 23 tries, what the hell, vimeo? I had somewhat fewer issues in Chrome than Firefuck. Fat internets pipe, here, too. Good luck.
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I guess this is the thread where I get to tell my Indigo Girls story. This happened 11 years ago, and I know I was comparatively late finding the Indigo Girls; totally impressed at their longevity.

I learned about the Indigo Girls from my friends C and N at a summer program while I was in high school. They were some of the first openly queer women my own age I'd never met. We sang along to Closer to Fine and Galileo at the end of the summer and cried about going back to our hometowns where no one could possibly understand us, and then we scattered to our different corners of the east coast, determined to keep in touch.

It's important to note here that C's mom was only grudgingly accepting of her daughgter's sexuality at this point. Not "you are an abomination, I'm kicking you out of the house" levels, but it was a sort of uneasy peace.

Anyway we did manage to keep talking all winter, and the next spring C callled me up all excited because the Indigo Girls were coming through Philadelphia."We should go!" she said. "Maybe we can see if N wants to come too!" Yes! It turned out N could come too, making the trip all the way out from western PA, so even better. It was going to be one of the first shows I ever went to with friends that wasn't a battle of the bands in the high school cafeteria. We were so elated that we couldn't even get too discouraged when C's mother decided that she didn't want us going in our own and decided to come along to the show.

On the day of the show, C's mom drove us out to the venue and then let us go our separate ways from her. We gradually made our way down toward the stage, danced to Shame on You and Get Out the Map, sang to Closer to Fine. It didn't matter that we were probably the youngest people at that show of our own accord. It's still one of the better shows I've been to.

We met up with C's mom again to ride back home, asked her how she liked the show. "Oh, it was fine," she said.

Then she paused for a minute and said thoughtfully "You know, I didn't know they attracted that kind of crowd."

I can't even remember what we said in response to that. I just remember the "oh shit, she really said that, didn't she" look that C, N and I exchanged within a split second, and the mild uneasiness for the rest of the night.

I told my mom about this incident the next day, and "that kind of crowd"/"those kind of people" became something of a running joke between us. Mom's a huge women's basketball fan, and she'd sometimes say "so, think there'll be some of those kind of people here?" on the way to games. Yes mom. Yes there will be.
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I did include a YouTube link to the same video.. maybe that will work better for some.
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The guy who got me into the Indigo Girls remains just awesome and lovely.

The guy who got me into Indigo Girls made this post, and you are so very right.
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Another fan since album 1 (I'm pretty sure I got it for free on cassette from BMG - I had the 2-free-for-life plan and usually used it on new bands). About 15 years later they were playing at the Beacon and I dragged my then-husband to the concert with me. I don't remember whether he liked their music too or just went to humor me. But I remember turning to him about halfway in and having this conversation:

Me: This is amazing!
Him: I am... the only man in this room.

Can't possibly have been true, but on initial crowd-scanning, it [pretty awesomely] seemed like it. A++ would experience again.
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This straight dude remembers hearing 'Closer to Fine,' on the local classic rock station, since they were opening for Neil Young, I think. I didn't learn about the lesbian angle till later, I just enjoyed the song. But I still feel old.
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Me: This is amazing!
Him: I am... the only man in this room.

Can't possibly have been true, but on initial crowd-scanning, it [pretty awesomely] seemed like it. A++ would experience again.

I went to probably over half a dozen IG shows in my pre-adolescence, and you know, I can't remember a single male-presenting person in attendance. I'm sure they were there, but they just didn't register.
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I've often been one of the only men in a sea of women at IG shows.

The last time I saw them I was down at the foot of the stage with my best friend from my hometown, and we were definitely the only two men there. And then they played Ghost, and something about that particular performance really got into my heart and I started crying, like deep soul-purging sobs, and suddenly I was being hugged by strangers, and I ended up at the center of this vortex of love and healing, all of them women I had never seen before and will never see again, and between the purge of the crying and the healing of the hugging I found a center I hadn't had in a long time.

I love IG and I love IG fans, and I never care that I might be the only guy there.
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Another straight dude for the Indigo Girls. I have most of their albums and have seen them in concert probably 4-5 times. Great musicians and songwriters, and always a good time.
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Rites of Passage was one of my most-played albums for years. So many great songs. I think Ghost is still my favorite - I still know every word - but oh, that cover of Romeo and Juliet still wrings my heart. Talk about sheer pain coming through. And Galileo, Love Will Come to You, Three Hits... So, so good.
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Ahhhhh!! Ghost is my favorite too!!! And Rites of Passage is the best... I've been following them since the late 80's..... They skipped this year but they usually do a summer concert in the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Amazing venue and seeing the girls there is always magic. They love being on home turf. If you ever have a chance to make the trip... Do!! Great post! Thanks!!
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