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Christian Lingr says: "Bored from studies I quit everything when I was 18-years-old and started traveling around the world. Now I’m 27 and have visited 97 countries, From Nigeria in Africa to North Korea in Asia. I always travel on a low budget and I never use guidebooks. Here are some of the hidden beauties around the world." His incredible blog UnusualTraveler.com
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Sigh. :/ I'm always fascinated by those pictures of North Korea, but until they're absorbed into the South, I don't think I'll ever be able to step foot there.
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His post about the Aral Sea is interesting- I had no idea that there was a parallel to the Salton Sea disaster in Asia.
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9. Don’t dress like a hippie.

You don’t have to dress as a hippie even if you travel on a budget.
Only hipsters do that shit. They love embracing the “dirty-backpacker” stereotype.
If dress decent there’s a bigger chance the locals will invite you over.
You wouldn’t invite some dirty foreigner, that looks like his clothes are falling apart, to dinner.. would you?

Pro tip.
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three blind mice, that was one of my favorite tips when I was young and traveling. If you really want an authentic experience where you go, dress conservatively: you will meet ordinary people.

But maybe you don't want authenticity, and that is fair enough.
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"Christian Lingr" sounds like a social networking site for born-agains who like to loiter.
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Nice photos. Someone needs to cut back on the HDR though...
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He also needs an editor.
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Oh man I want to see some of the middle eastern mosaic building stuff in person. Those are probably all the wrong words but I love it.

Those neat blue tiles. Love it.

I'd love to visit Tehran one day. Actually I want to go everywhere. And see all the things.
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