"95% of all music will be free, at least for a period…"
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"95% of all music will be free, at least for a period…" says Chuck D, while praising the magic of Napster. I <heart> Chuck D.
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Wow. Somebody is going to come up with a new business model for the distribution of music, which takes advantage of MP3 instead of fighting it. Looks like this guy wants to be in the vanguard.
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I wrote a piece for a print mag at the end of last year on MP3: my task was to assemble a "definitive", legal CD burned from MP3s. Public Enemy got pride of place, track number one. Chuck D has been on the footplate of the cluetrain right from the start, and he's using his influence and bank balance to give the next generation of rappers a voice through digital distribution. Respect to the man.
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Finally - a coherent argument supporting MP3 and Napster. It's about damn time - I've been waiting for this.
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