Finally,a home for the Turner bequest :
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Finally,a home for the Turner bequest : In 1856, nearly five years after Turner's death, his estate was settled by a decree in which the works found in his studio that were considered to be by his own hand were accepted by the nation as the 'Turner Bequest'. This comprises nearly 300 oil paintings and around 30,000 sketches and watercolours (including 300 sketchbooks). All of this work is now available to view online at the Tate. If nothing else you can get some beautiful wallpaper for your desktop.
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Thanks, Fat Buddha! Stupidly, I'd only read the highlighted words and thought of Ted Turner! You know, his billion dollar gift to the UN and such. Despite the fact that the ninth word in your post is "1856". And Turner is one of everybody's favourite painters. Just shows how the Internet corrupts one's soul...
posted by MiguelCardoso at 5:21 AM on March 4, 2002

an unsolicited plug: visiting the tate modern last week was one of the most fascinating museum experiences i have ever known. that is all.
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It's good stuff. But the images aren't really high res enough for a wallpaper (unless they're quite well hidden). It's brilliant to see the Internet get used for this sort of thing which you wouldn't have a hope in hell of getting done offline.

Huge respect to BT for contributing the finance to make this possible. That is a hint: possible sponsors I will buy your product...
posted by nedrichards at 7:17 AM on March 4, 2002

thanks, FB. great link.
posted by moz at 10:13 AM on March 4, 2002

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