Durham Pop-Up Chorus - no auditions
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The Pop-Up Chorus in Durham, NC. has no auditions. Once a month, anyone can show up and sing - people of all ages do. Imperfection is embraced.

Birdhouse in Your Soul - They Might Be Giants
How Can You Really? - Foxygen
Africa - Toto
No Rest for the Wicked - Lykke Li
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Their YouTube Channel

Previously on Metafilter, the Chapel Hill Chorus Project

Pop-Up Chorus is a program of the Community Chorus Project.
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As someone who loves singing -- but is quite terrible at it -- this seems like such a lovely idea. Almost makes me want to import it to my locale.
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Also, the guy in the "XII" shirt in the Lykke Li song is getting crazy into it.
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This is like group karakoke. Amazing. I want one in Chicago.
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My wife has been going to Choir! Choir! Choir! here in Toronto every week for years. They sing at all kinds of events and big concerts, it's like a big thing now.
I went when they did "God Only Knows" and I'm in the video so I'm not linking to it.
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You mean this link?

I had never heard of Choir! Choir! Choir! before, this is impressive. Now I wish I had thought of doing the post on community choirs in general. Dangit.
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Oh, this is so wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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Hey! Pop-Up Chorus! I live in Durham and went to Pop-Up a fair amount back in the day. I even met my boyfriend there. I don't go much anymore, but it is a super-cool thing. It's just so fun to sing in a group of people.

And the director, Seamus, did a great job striking the right balance of "let's improve this a little bit so we can be proud of our progress" without getting too hung up on trying to make it perfect. Having it be ragged but fun is the point. He used to give a little speech/pep-talk at each one that was all about how singing, especially singing with others, is part of our birthright as humans and everyone should feel like they have the chance to sing; it doesn't matter if you are "good" or not.

There was a (fairly amicable) split recently between the director and the woman who was sort of producer/co-creator of it. So now there are two pop-ups in Durham, though one of them will go by the name Flash Chorus and one of them will keep the Pop-Up Chorus name.

Also, the guy in the "XII" shirt in the Lykke Li song is getting crazy into it.

He is always like that. It's pretty great. He wrote a cool thing about why Pop-Up means so much to him.

It's cool to see this here. Thanks for posting it!
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Brilliant. Want.
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I love seeing the range of people in these videos. Tall and short, grey-headed folk next to kids, conservatively dressed women in neat blouses with careful bobs, chicks with pink hair, dudes who look like they might belong to motorcycle clubs, nerds.

They look like they are having so much fun together. It makes me happy.
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Neat! I'll be in Durham next weekend.

No keys in that band, though?
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I have never wanted to do something I learned about on Metafilter so much. I am literally bouncing in my seat with tears of joy in my eyes, and I live just one state (OK, and 6 1/2 hours) away. Thank you!
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Ah, that was wonderful. Why is it that seeing ordinary people, singing together joyfully, always makes me cry? Whether it's "Sweet Caroline" at Fenway park or that video of the rock bands in a small Italian town playing a Foo Fighters song, I'm almost always moved to tears. But in a good way. Thanks for sharing this.
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There is so much happy in this. Especially the Africa one.
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My advice is: if you've ever even vaguely toyed with the idea of joining a choir, then just do it. Do it! It is amazing.
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Many of my friends do this! Just the other day there was an excited shout of glee down the hall: "The Cure and ABBA!! WE HAVE TO GO!!"
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