"The Capricorns love you with a pure undying magic filled love"
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In the summer of 2000 Heather Lynn and Kirsten Nordine started playing synthpop together in Grayslake, IL as The Capricorns. Only one song exists online from their first cassette, The Capricorns Are Gonna Get You. In 2001 Paroxysm Records released In the Zone, which gave birth to mixdisc classic The New Sound (live version). In 2003 there followed Go the Distance! Their last album, Pure Magical Love came in 2006. Lynn made a further single and album under the moniker Pure Magical Love, which evolved into a Chicago-based performance troupe. In 2013 Lynn staged her first rock opera, Templehead (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). A second rock opera, Genesis and Nemesis, is coming later this year. Morgan Claire Sirene wrote an appreciation of Lynn for Slutist, and she was interviewed about her life and career by Zachary Hutchinson. Nordine is a sometime member of Prince Rupert's Drops and releases music as Jantar.
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Curtain goes up and the lights come down...ahhh nostalgia! Go the Distance was such an end-of-college-era fave.
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I never heard that live version before. So good.
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This band sounds cool! Thanks for the recommendation and detailed writeup!
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This is wild! Totally dating myself here, but I remember Heather Lynn back from when she was monstermovie on Diaryland, and I'm certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have a copy of that first Capricorns tape somewhere in my basement. It's so awesome to find out she's still making art and music. Thanks for the post!
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I can't remember where I saw it, but I know that after it went out of print, The Capricorns said they would only sell copies of their first tape for a thousand dollars. I don't know if anyone ever took them up on their offer, but you can totally claim that you have a rock artifact valued at a thousand dollars somewhere in your basement.
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