We try our best to forget it was “all started by a mouse.”
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Lucian hangs out next to Indiana Jones. Buford's favorite is Splash Mountain. Bernice prefers California Adventure. The Cats of Disneyland.

Also: In Defense Of Disneyland: Why It’s Worth Revisiting As A Jaded Adult

Still, watching thousands of people head for the exits after the fireworks show and witnessing the situation not dissolve into madness makes me marvel, every time.

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I worked at Disneyland for two years in the late 80s. I saw cats all the time, but never during the day, and they never had names.
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I was at Disneyland with my girlfriend recently for a wedding, and we went and hit the park a few times. Disneyland as a kid-less adult is awesome. You can get a nice buzz going at the Disney-run bars at the resorts around the park (there's a Tiki bar that's absolutely killer) and just wander around taking in the amazing level of detail on everything. You can hop some rides, but if a line is nuts you can just move on and it's no biggie; no need to worry about disappointing a kid. We had an incredible time.
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I am also an adult Disneyland convert. The epic scale and ambition of the thing is staggering. It's sort of a full scale model train layout. Kind of an interactive art installation on a city scale. A complete, constructed environment. The first thing of its kind and still the most inspired.
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Thank you for this, Cool Papa Bell.

I'm a stay-at-home dad and I home school our daughter (we just started 1st grade). When my wife told me over the summer that I should plan a solo trip for myself to keep from going batshit insane, I picked Epcot (with a two night stay at Port Orleans French Quarter), which I'll be leaving for in several weeks.

I do understand the objections people have to Disney (including here on the Blue), but IMHO there is wonder and joy to be had, and I'm counting the days.
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I'm a lifelong Disney Parks nut and while I am excited to finally have a kid old enough to ride rides with and get excited about characters, I really miss being a childless adult at Disneyland a lot.

With the drought the animal scene there has gotten weird, though. It's one of the few places in Orange County with so much fresh water out for drinking and it seemed like ducks were taking over the park when we were there in April. I saw a raccoon out during the day too, which I'd never seen before. Cats are old news, but whole families of ducks wandering the walkways in broad daylight? Strange times.
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Petition to save the Disneyland cats from Anaheim's recent anti-feral law.
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Are they feral?
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I understand the problems that many have with Disney-as-corporation. I share a lot of those concerns. And yet, the most (unintended yet apt pun ahead) unadulterated happiness of my childhood took place within Orlando's Disney World.

Our family couldn't afford vacations in the sense of us all staying in a hotel somewhere for a week, but for one day a year, we could go to Disney. The whole experience was surreal and magical, from piling into the car before dawn to take the journey there, laughingly planning which places we must see, and which we might skip this year, entering the gates to renewed wonder, even standing in the lines, assuring other children about just how awesome this ride was.

There are so many moments I will never forget - the Barber Shop Quartet singing me into my best birthday memory, staring fixedly at my father's blue twill shorts to avoiding looking up on Thunder Mountain Railroad, then breathless begging for another go-around, the sheer pageantry of the Main Street Electrical Parade. I could write pages of beautiful memory here...

I moved away from the area as an adult, and so have not been back very much. The last was a few years ago, my father and I visiting together, walking the paths of so much of our best history. We rode Thunder Mountain together for the last time, as neither of our bodies is fit for roller coasters these days. And while we grumbled at the cost of simple water, his meditative commentary that this was one of the few places where one really could buy a little joy assured me that he had made those memories for himself, too.

I won't defend Disney against earned criticism - it is possible to deeply love a thing while admitting its flaws. But I will always be grateful for the Mouse.
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Are they feral?

When I worked there, yes, they were feral, by every reasonable definition. Unafraid of people, only active at night, and they wouldn't let you get near them. They say they're spaying/neutering them, so unless something has changed, I presume they're collecting them in humane traps. That'd be a fun job for a Disney veterinarian. Cat trapper!

But these are daylight photos on the site, so perhaps they've gotten bolder, or these are runaways and/or more recent arrivals.
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I still have dreams about Disneyland; it was such a huge part of my childhood.

Thank you for this.
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I love that adult Disneyland article so much. Whatever the issues with the corporation, the theme parks are spectacular and spoil you for any other park, which looks sad in comparison.
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Buford? Bernice?
is there somebody naming these cats who is nostalgic about this duo?
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The Aristocats!
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I understand the problems that many have with Disney-as-corporation. I share a lot of those concerns. And yet, the most (unintended yet apt pun ahead) unadulterated happiness of my childhood took place within Orlando's Disney World.

I understand. I don't attribute the corporate heavyweight actions with every single employee and costumed cast member. I think by and large, the parks are still driven by making sure people have a great time. Yeah, there's a lot of merch around, exit through the gift shop and all that. But every employee in the park is trying to help you enjoy your time there.

We took a trip to WDW last October. One of the CMs at Blizzard Beach spoke to my son on our way in the gate. He complimented his Nemo swim shirt. He remembered his name and said goodbye as we were leaving.

And seeing my son's face light up when he met Mickey made our whole trip. He may not remember it that well, but I certainly will.
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