new/ old/ hazy/ lo-fi boom-bap beats from Saikei Collective
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If you enjoy laid back/ hazy/ chilled/ lo-fi hip-hop type beats, you may well enjoy the sounds of the Saikei Collective, which is based in the Philippines but includes a fluid roster of like-minded cats* from around the world, making original beats and remixing some tracks you may recognize. Since April 2015, the collective has posted nine releases on Bandcamp, consisting of five compilations, one collection of "two-player" collaborations, and three solo releases.

*As far as I know, none of them are actually cats, but there's not a ton about them online, beyond their Soundcloud accounts, which are helpfully linked in their various releases. What they've made:

- Saikei Collection Vol. 1 (April 2015, 26 tracks)
- Saikei Collection Vol. 2 (May 2015, 44 tracks)
- Sankei Collection Vol. 3 (June 2015, 56 tracks)
- Sankei Collection Vol. 4 (Aug. 2015, 30 tracks)
- Saikei Collection Vol. 5 (Aug. 2015, 54 tracks)

- . t w o p l a y e r . (June 2015, 9 tracks)

- O.S.L - It Ain't Easy (June 2015)
- Kabocha - Tokyo Velvet (Aug. 2015, 7 tracks)
- proche. - Adventure Tape (Aug. 2015, 5 tracks)

Stay lo fi.
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Regarding the remixes, they're scattered in the compilations, for whatever that's worth.

As for the name of the group, Saikei (栽景) literally translates as "planted landscape". Saikei is a descendant of the Japanese arts of bonsai, bonseki, and bonkei.
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If you enjoy laid back/ hazy/ chilled/ lo-fi hip-hop type beats...

There are few things I enjoy more.

Sounds great so far—they almost have a shoegaze thing going on. Followed!
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Oh, and the pictures in the Wikipedia article about saikei are beautiful. I learned about two neat things thanks to this post!
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I am growing to like the lo fi. It's like listening to the radio on the AM side, where your mind has to supply the missing fi.
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I really like the lo-fi as well, and hope that Metafilterians will share other links to international lo-fi hip hop beats in this discussion
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ooh so good! Reminds me of Nujabes - wouldn't be surprised to find some of his tracks
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I hate to be the one to tell you, but Nujabes died back in 2010. There are a ton of tributes on Bandcamp alone, so you will definitely still hear that Nujabes vibe, but nothing new from him.
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One problem with soundcloud is that you can see the drops coming before you even press play.
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