Sam Sweetmilk ep. 1 & part one of ep. 2
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Here is the first episode of Sam Sweetmilk. A funny/serious sci-fi cartoon, you know, like those that are all the rage these days, extra words. There is currently only one episode (and part of it is an animatic), but a second is nearing completion! Part one.
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Well okay, most of it is an animatic. I do really like it though.
posted by JHarris at 4:42 AM on September 3, 2015

this is interesting. Is this a tv show? or a.... internet thing? It was strange that it was mostly like an animated web comic, but also like a cartoon in some parts. Actually, the humor, pacing, and story strongly reminded me of webcomics. But there were really a large number of people listed in the credits, too, which surprised me, because it seemed so rough and unfinished.
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Apparently it was made to be a cartoon. It seems they've had trouble finding funding -- there have been at least two crowdfunding campaigns in the past over it. Their current episode is produced with the aid of Frederator Studios.

Anyway, even animatics need character designers, artists, storyboarders and voice actors.
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