Kickstarter Math is Weird
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"Say you want to fundraise to make a thing, and the thing you want to make is My New Album — hooray! So first you make a budget, then you set that as our Kickstarter goal, right? Easy! No." Musician Marian Call provides advice on crowdfunding planning and pitfalls. Also, spreadsheets.

Call's own Kickstarter just raised $67,035 to make her ninth album. (I held this post till it was done, because of Metafilter rules on such matters.)

Previous advice from Angela Webber of the Doubleclicks.
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This could have also been titled Why Production Middlemen Will Never Go Away.
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I can say this with confidence because almost everyone’s rewards are underpriced.

I would say most are overpriced. But I've always treated my Kickstarters as pre-orders that fund a project, not as a grant.
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Did she pay herself for the 50 hours it must have taken to make all those spreadsheets?
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Very cool. I think NoxAeternum nailed it on the first comment. Look how much work and thought she has to put in to this as an independent artist; many people who are artists in whatever discipline will not be interested in putting in these hard yards and will either fail or have to pay a producer some margin on top of the "cost" of Marian's time to get someone else to think through this stuff for them.

I wonder if posts like this drive potential producing/consulting business her way. I wonder if she's even interested in that kind of work, because I bet she'd be good at it.
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Fascinating. Reminds me of the excellent chapter on the music business in David Byrne's "How Music Works" in which he breaks down the numbers comparing his self-released vs label-released albums.
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Thank you so much for posting this -- I forwarded it to an artist friend who is planning a Kickstarter and she said it was invaluable.
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Continuing this discussion, Ron Gilbert shows off the budget for his Kickstarter project. It's a good comparison for a different industry (video games, in this case.)
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