Brian & Lindsay Will Totally Eat That
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Brian & Lindsay Will Totally Eat That [via mefi projects]

Always happy to help out people who dare to put themselves on YouTube!
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WOW Sunny D was a real champ with that malört.
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I'm generally a big fan of MaxFun stuff, but this kind of hit a weird note for me. Just a couple of people eating not-that-weird food and pulling faces? Most of this stuff you'll find at just about any grocery store with an ethnic aisle—and c'mon, seaweed snacks? Those things are everywhere. Or chocolate mushrooms? Even the jellied eels isn't that strange when you can get gefilte fish without too much effort.
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Just yesterday I was thinking I need to do a Brian and Lindsay FPP. They've been killing it. Agreed that the food isn't all that weird, but they're so much fun as hosts that I don't really mind.

(Though they cheated by using fancy malort. Jepson's is way worse than the blue label stuff. And Fernet makes Malort look like easy mode.)
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Similar previously, Steve Don't Eat It!
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I mean, they aren't bad, but I don't get what about this rises to be posted on MeFi. The snacks aren't at all strange, the comments are the usual hipster jocularity. Aren't there like 50 YT channels doing this?
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The malort one is great. Poor Brian! That's a rough intro to alcohol.
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I made that 3-sec intro theme using a vocal recorded by EP / impresario / mefi's own youngamerican!

This show is totally fun, it's great that two very cool behind-the-scenes MaxFun folks got out in front of the camera.
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Yeah, this is stuff that I just plain eat. Not, like, stunt-eat.
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Okay, okay, so I guess that the one time I bought Crunky, it was entirely for the name. But still, it was not even remotely challenging as a food.
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Can we do some sort of cross-promotion thing, where when someone asks metafilter if they should eat %ITEM%, these folks eat it and we get to find out whether the AskMe poster would have been ok or not?
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I totally watched that. All that (it was pretty nice as a chill distraction while wading through data).
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This is a conversation at a bar that I will have enthusiastically, but as a presentation is...

Trying Too Hard. I'm sorry.
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