Lowbrow artist The Pizz, 1958-2015
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The influential "Lord of Lowbrow", The Pizz (born Stephen Pizzurro), passed away in Long Beach on Sunday shortly after posting a final photo to Instagram. He was 57.

The Pizz is well-known in the Kustom Kulture scene and collaborated with visual artists such as Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, as well as musicians such as JG Thirlwell .

More examples of his work can be found on his Instagram, on the Instagram tag #thepizz, and at Hi-Fructose (NSFW). Past interviews can be found at Color Ink Book and Last Gasp.
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I wasn't familiar with his work or much about the Kustom Kulture scene and find this fascinating. 57 is young though and I'm sorry that whatever his struggles were he decided that he couldn't continue.

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Those Sympathy covers from the 80s n 90s were incredible. Rip pizz
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When I lived in Long Beach years ago, I would see The Pizz everywhere. It got to the point where he and I would exchange head nods of recognition because we were running into each other so often.

I was familiar with his work but didn't know he was The Pizz until he came into my friend's bookstore and she nudged me and said "That's The Pizz" and suddenly it made sense why I was running into him at all those art shows and juice bars.

He was extremely friendly to young artists, always gracious when he was approached in public, and I'm sorry he was in so much pain. He was an important part of the fabric of the place that was my hometown for awhile.
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This might need a bit of a trigger warning on it. That final photo is pretty fantastic, but it's self evidently a bit of a suicide note, no?
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A clipping from Juxtapoz of "Come the Weekend" has been brightening my bulletin board for many moons.
Ride on, Pizz, and may your Mai Tai never run dry.
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J.G. Thirlwell posted a note about the loss of his friend. Such a tragic loss.
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