Super Glitchy Mario World
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Here is Let's Glitch Super Mario World, an in-depth series of 47 YouTube videos (each from 10 to 30 minutes long) that demonstrate breaking the game in myriad ways, with clear descriptions of what is going on.
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I like seeing all the glitches and how they're used (mainly for the speed run demos).. But these videos (at least the first one) could use some serious editing - both to remove the repetitive stuff (where he kept rewinding) and a better script (what he's saying).. I want to see more, but don't think I can wade through the noise to find the signal.
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The second one could use serious editing as well. I get it, it's tricky, but do we really need 20 repeats showing that? This isn't live video...
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I viewed the first 5, and while there's a lot of interesting glitches presented, yes, they're all just recorded as they happened and posted as-is.

Too bad, as if things were edited down to the interesting glitches, it would surely still be a good amount of content, and worth watching.
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I think it still works as a practical guide to exhibiting the glitches, and showing how difficult they are to perform. When all you watch is tool-assisted speedruns, or even non-assisted runs where they only show you the end result, it's possible to get the sense that these tricks are easier to perform than they are. Watching these, you know how hard they are to pull off.

Anyway, this post is kind of a replacement for another post I was working on that ended up a rabbit hole, where it turned out to need far more effort to work on it than I expected. My work on that other post remains, and it'll probably turn up here eventually.
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Looks like the AV Club's 'Great Job, Internet!' is basically just an excuse to browse Metafilter.

I get there's extra interest in the inner workings of Mario because of Mario Maker, but it really would be surprising coincidence for a video from 2013 to come up on the Av Club's radar without the push from JHarris.

Love the daily posts, and I like the lack of editing here, reminds me of when I first started watching Lets Plays and they were all muffled and quirky, without personal brands and sponsorships.

(Holy shit I didn't realize I had a lawn yet but there it is, and you damn kids need to get off it.)
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"I feel like this game is really broken, but not a lot of people realize that...

Says a guy who most likely has never worked in game development. Here's a secret: Every decently complex game is really broken. When you crush a bugs, you are inevitably going to create more bugs, and in the end it's impossible to rid a game of every single flaw. The key is eliminating the big ones and identifying the ones that are harmless enough to ignore. So you ask how many players is this going to affect, and how badly is it going to affect them? If you need to be running the game in an emulator that allows you to rewind time so you can repeatedly lick berries until you've managed to exploit a bug enough times to prevent yourself from winning a level, but the game wondrously doesn't even crash due to the abuse... well, I think that one is safe to ignore.
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Well they mention this thread in the article, so it seems a good bet kittensofthenight. I don't mind meself, cheers Philip Cosores!
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Oh hahaha I didn't even realize that, JHarris, I was too excited.
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Between this and the Nick-at-Nite promos showing up on Great Job, Internet, I think JHarris is going to have a job at the AV Club by the end of the month.
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They did? Didn't know, thanks for the info! Hey, I could really use the work if anyone wants to hire me to find internet stuff for them. My posting history is my resume.
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