Giraffe Sounds:
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The latest research on giraffe sounds... This was some fairly interesting reading. I have personally heard a giraffe make the sound described as a 'burst'. I have had a giraffe snort at me. I also have heard a sort of whiffling sound not described in this article. Take a listen.. it's pretty cool
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Everything I know about giraffe sounds I learned at the Festival of the Lion King.
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When you have such fantastic eyelashes to bat, you don't need words.
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Learning animal noises is the foundation of human education
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That humming: what a sound! Marvelous. The reverb of their enclosures adds a nice effect.
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Raise your hand if you knew that a giraffe tongue is black by watching that episode of Salute Your Shorts.
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That "what does the fox say" song has ruined me for these sorts of things
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The giraffe doesn't say. It hums!
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I really wonder whether those giraffes are making that hum breathing in or breathing out.

I think there are good theoretical reasons for thinking giraffes might want to take longer breathing in than breathing out, and not want to restrict airflow going out the way we do when we're vocalizing (the Scandinavian 'ja' is an interesting exception).

I tried humming breathing in and I could do it, but it sounded weird, high pitched and kind of agonized, and did not resonate in my head at all, but I have a tiny little piece of tubing between vocal cords and lungs compared to the organ pipes giraffes must have.
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Next, tell us what camels are saying.
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These sounds are not for you, o seeker of knowledge. Your ears may not take them

Activate quicktime? Not today, and not tomorrow.
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True fact: I was licked by one once. At a zoo. I was on an elevated walkway in their barn, because it was near closing time and they were brought inside. Out of nowhere it bent forward and gave me a "kiss".

As special as the time a hummingbird flew in front of my nose and stared me in the eyes for two seconds.

Really, I know these don't sound amazing, but... they are amazing moments when they happen.
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Off to work on my "burst" sounds. My toddler wants to know what all the animals say and I was always stumped (until now!) when we came to the giraffe pictures in her books.
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That hum sounds like one giraffes way of telling another "I have gas"
I have about 3/4 of my exhaling hum range while inhaling. Toward the much lower end of the spectrum.
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You just know there are a handful of zookeepers on some dusty listserv saying "Duh! I could have told that."
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Man, I've never once had a giraffe snort at me. *kicks dirt*
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I made friends with a cow giraffe at the zoo. She used to snort at me and sometimes lick me. I'd go visit with her very early in the day before all the really noisy people showed up. Later, I got married and moved out of town. Came back to visit, she showed me her calf and I showed her my kids. She licked all of us. My son has vague memories of this. Giraffe saliva is antiseptic. The main thing wild giraffe eat is acacia trees, which have nasty thorns the size of darning needles. They use their tongues to get at the leaves.
I think the whiffling noise was a greeting. I could be wrong.
Giraffes amaze me. They are very little researched for such big animals.
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When I was a child, we were taught that the giraffe makes a silent "h" sound. I suppose, like nine planets, hearing aids that hang around the neck, and Eisenhower Republicans, that that's not a thing any more.

I wish there was a newsletter or whatchamacallit home page to tell me when things weren't things any more.
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Katjusa Roquette: She licked all of us.

You just had to upstage me, didn't you? Couldn't let me have my one little moment of intimacy, without going all, "Yo, giraffes and I make out all the time."

It's all I had. And you had to take it away from me. You and your acacia-scented, giraffe-loving family.
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The giraffe humming story has gone viral. :)
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