Unlimited Adventures, Gold Box D&D construction set
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Here are two Let's Plays (text) devoted to SSI's classic DOS D&D "Gold Box" construction set program Unlimited Adventures, one of the most revered user-level RPG creator programs and now available on GoG.

"I am after all proposing that I showcase 30 year old modules (Castle Amber, Temple of Elemental Evil, etc), via a 25 year old RPG system (2nd edition AD&D), using a 20 year old video game (SSI's Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures)." — UA Let's Play on ENWorld.

Modules & Sites Video Demonstration Utilities
  • Gold Box Explorer is a program for decrypting the assets from Gold Box games.
  • UA Shell is a program for running UA adventures hacked to allow for more options and to fix bugs. What is UA Shell? (Wayback) UA Shell can be obtained here, but you're on your own for using it.
Dungeon Craft
Dungeon Craft is an open source RPG engine inspired by Unlimited Adventures. After a long development period, it graduated to version 1.0 in October of last year. It's a bit clunky to set up though, and I cannot vouch for how it runs. It claims to be able to make standalone games. Unlimited Adventures can be legally obtained from GoG's Forgotten Realms Archives Collection Volume 2.
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Oh man I had forgotten about unlimited adventures! Thank you so much.
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Nice, by gamers, for gamers. (This post, not any game publishers...)
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I played Dungeon type games on my Amiga 3000 back in the day. The Amiga Dungeoneering Collection is great to run on Windows with WinUAE, though Legend of Grimrock and probably Legend of Grimrock II do nicely for modern versions of the genre.
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With your host, Gelliant Gutfright
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I first stumbled upon the rabbit hole of UA a few years ago, and was worried that the links might have succumbed to bitrot. Amazingly, not all of them have. I figured, though, that I should go ahead and make the post before information on UA becomes harder to find.
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Temple of Apshai represent!

Man, I wasted to much time on the Gold Box games (and Eye of the Beholder - and the not related Star Craft2).
Magical, magical hours.
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Aw, man, even hearing the words "Temple of Elemental Evil" sends me a-traveling back in time. :D
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I heard about FRUA shortly after its release, but the stores I usually ordered games from (and yeah, we lived in the middle of the woods, we didn't even have local game stores at the time) didn't have it even if it was in the catalogue.

Then, in 2002, Neverwinter Nights came out and it turned into the PC RPG I've sunk most hours in, ever.

So, I'm very happy to finally have FRUA. And Dungeon Hack, which was another game I really darn wanted but couldn't find. And Pool of Radiance, which along with Ultima V was pretty much the first RPG I attempted to play, ever. (Warez'd copies. The Ultima V floppies were broken and PoR needed a code wheel.) Too bad the PC version didn't have the kickawesome music from C64 version.

In summary: GOG is awesome.
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