The reinvention of HENSE
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FYI: I posted this because he was one of my coffeehouse regulars for years when I lived in Atlanta and every time I go home and see one of the massive HENSE murals that line MARTA rail stops from the airport to Five Points, I really know I am back again. We were never friends, but he'd always give the tiniest of smiles and a nod to any Aurora employee he ran into at art openings around town.
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Meanwhile, HENSE's old partner in grime SEVER has gone legit as well and does murals and design around town as The Loss Prevention.
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I dig it, thanks for sharing! I love the fact more people are embracing urban art as a potential for revitalization, in areas where full redevelopment is expensive and risky. $10,000 is a small investment into a blighted area or drab industrial or commercial section of town. I even like the painted church, though some of the story about the "up and coming" community stinks of gentrification.

Here's his HENSE website.
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I'd occasionally see his freight cars passing thru Richmond, and vaguely recall a mural up at the rail yard near Chicago. Good to see him doing legit and sculptural work.
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How did i know someone going "legit" from graph would be a white dude? It's always a white dude.
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Yeah, it's odd to see one mentioned without the other, given how inseparable (sometimes literally) their work was.

For the ephemeral world of graffiti, their legacy is pretty incredible. There are some pieces around town, particularly along MARTA lines (though I'm thinking more the Blue line West into Downtown, Kitteh), which have probably been up for maybe a decade or so. That's pretty incredible, that those pieces haven't been completely tagged over, covered with fresh work, or simply painted over. Of course, it probably helps that they worked BIG and hit spots that must have required some spiderman shenanigans to reach.
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