Death is the Mother of Beauty
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Death is the Mother of Beauty The doom metal band named, uh, DoOoM, has churned out seven instrumental tracks of…doom, written by MeFi's Own gwint! (I'm only on track five, but I'm that excited.) In the vein of Sleep or Trouble, they are heavy and chill. Over giant-heartbeat-like kick drums, elegant and grounded riffs flow. They are wrapped generously in hearty, fibrous fuzz. Let your brain sink through the layers of the earth guided by a wise capybara as your body pretends to work this afternoon! [via mefi projects]

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Rock so thick you can stand a spoon up in it!

A friend of mine and I used to have a fake doom/drone band called "Astro Nimbus." This is what I like to think we would have sounded like if we were actually good/a real band.
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Self-link? You do know it violates MeFi rules to post links to projects with which you or your friends have involvement, yes?
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I think by "I'm only on track five" he means "I've only listened to the first five tracks"
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These sounds are fantastic. I've been fixated on the song Beneath Broken Earth by Paradise Lost lately, and when I get a little more free time to work on music I'm going to start a project based on that sound; melodic doom-death with multiple harmonizing guitar voices.
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I do not know gwint, and in fact, simply used the "Post to MetaFilter" button on the MetaFilter Projects page. That's why it says "via MeFi Projects."
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AHHHHHH yes. That makes more sense, doesn't it.
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Sorry ignignokt I just misunderstood "I'm only on track 5" to mean you were a featured performer on that song.
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Whoa, thanks for the FPP. For those who may not be familiar with the genre, here are a few of my favorite bands playing this kind of heavy, downtuned, riff-filled music:

Bongripper plays slow, loooong, heavy tracks. (Not to be confused with Bongzilla, Belzebong or Weedeater, although they are excellent as well)

Windhand featuring the vocals of Dorthia Cottrell.

Wounded Giant

Monolord from Sweden.

Electric Wizard from the UK.
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Whoa, it sounds surprisingly good if you have two tabs open to Bandcamp page for Ride playing about five seconds apart.
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Existential Dread, that track is funereal as hell!
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I was prepared to hate this and love it instead. Exactly what I need right now.
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You had me at "wise capybara".
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Also is the thread where we share our dream doom/stoner metal band name proposals?

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Why just yesterday I was thinking "Horsepond Liquor" would be a great stoner band name.

My pick for the best band in the low low places is UFOMammut. As in Italian for "flying saucer mammoth".

This is good stuff.
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Mine is "Grevious Exit Wound"
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Heh, I started playing the first track, heard female vocals on it, and was mightily confused. Turns out I forgot to stop my Amazon Player, which was playing M0, Dust is Gone.

They synced up pretty damn well, though.
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This is good. Real good.

Since we're dropping names of some of our favorite doom in here:

Pilgrim - I'm only a fan of their first album, Misery Wizard, but christ what an album

Pig Destroyer - not traditionally a doom band but they put out an excellent doom EP a couple of years back

Pinkish Black - synth doom! They don't follow the standard Sabbath template at all but are still heavy as fuck, sans guitars

The documentary Such Hawks Such Hounds doesn't exclusively cover doom but it delves into the genre fairly well
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Oooh! The Name Your Fictious Doom Metal Band game!

Mine's been Super Heavy Element 115 for years but I'm thinking about rebranding as Ununpentium.
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Quite Nice! Thanks for the FPP!

Reminds me of when I first heard Black Sabbath music - the music, not Ozzy Fucking Osbourne, I mean the music, the grungy minor chords and that other thing I forget - suspended thirds? - I forget, but it was something I never heard before and I loved it.

Tool got my attention too in that way, but I digress.

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I think they could have called themselves Dun Dun Dunnnn and gotten away with it

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Mine was going to be Ghola, but I see some black metal band took it before I could.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Yob yet. Fucking incredible doom, from funeral trudges to swinging dirt rock. This might not be their best production, but one of their best tunes.

And then, there is always the transcendent Neurosis. Not precisely doom, but you can draw a line from Sabbath, Swans, and Black Flag to them. This rendition of Locust Star is probably the heaviest thing ever.
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Listened all the way thru and had to stop myself from buying the shirt bundle. Which still might happen because capybara.
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OK, why not-- for the next week, everything on our bandcamp (music, shirts) is 25% off if you use the code "mefi"

Thanks all for the kind words-- I had no idea Metafilter was such a cesspool of headbanging burnouts.
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This description is perfect. This is one of those cases where I'll experience the thing only through someone else. To do otherwise would be to potentially ruin the thing.
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Ride has a real late-period Kyuss vibe to my ear, too. Diggin it.
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gwint, I caved and bought some stuff, but I used 'name your own price' to offset the coupon code SO THERE.

Mentally preparing myself for the "is that a capybara?!" questions.
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Yup, me, too – I am kind of trying to reduce the amount of time I wear a black T-shirt…but capybara!
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I liked it. I bought it. The shirt rules as well.

My 1.5 year old son falls asleep to doom metal better than a lullaby, while I rock out.

I'll also add Pallbearer to the Doom suggestions. Definitely a favorite of mine.
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Before this thread completely expires, let me weigh in with another good doomy prog band: Admiral Browning
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I love this, but much more surprising to me: my cats also seem to love this
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