Pinocchio Fetish?
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Pinocchio Fetish? Ok, now what's the attraction with women who look like they've told too many fibs? Well… that's hard to say. It's just sexy...
posted by milnak (13 comments total)

I should mention that several of the pictures there are not work safe.
posted by milnak at 10:58 PM on March 6, 2002

I would catch much less shit for opening them at work than I would for opening them at home. "Oh, so my nose isn't big enough for you? Now I know why you're always so nice to Mrs Nasalini across the hall! Bastard!"
posted by pracowity at 12:14 AM on March 7, 2002

Is it just me, or is this one of the stupidest things that you have ever seen as well? I mean, really...
posted by crankydoodle at 12:17 AM on March 7, 2002

No, no, no... now this is real Pinnocchio pr0n (sort of work safe... I guess)
posted by Lionfire at 12:37 AM on March 7, 2002

I can understand if some guys are attracted to ladies with long noses. But Photoshopped Pinocchio noses? I just can't figure it out.
posted by planetkyoto at 12:44 AM on March 7, 2002

> Is it just me...

Just you, pal. I've got a woody that won't stop.
posted by pracowity at 12:48 AM on March 7, 2002

I'm sorry to post off-topic, but in my high school's sex education class we were told that the clitoris felt somewhat like the end of one's nose. A certain pervert friend sat at the bus stop rubbing his nose and looking at attractive women for hours.
posted by ttrendel at 12:52 AM on March 7, 2002

the clitoris felt somewhat like the end of one's nose

actually, it's the cervix that feels like the end of someone's nose, hate to break it to you.... or hate to break it to your sex ed teacher.
posted by jessamyn at 1:10 AM on March 7, 2002

You know what gets me hot? Steve Martin in "Roxanne"
posted by ColdChef at 5:06 AM on March 7, 2002

I must admit to falling in love with Rachel Griffiths's nose whilst engrossed in Six Feet Under -- kinda visible in this 3/4 view. I think she's had it just slightly softened in the last year or so, since it seems to have more of the 'ski slope' effect famously attributed to Richard Nixon.
posted by dhartung at 9:03 AM on March 7, 2002

The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio: This time it's not his nose that grows.
posted by euphorb at 9:40 AM on March 7, 2002

In a 69, my Pinocchio nose will tickle ya rear

Nope, doesn't sound as good. Besides, there are no good Italian rappers.
posted by Jart at 10:07 AM on March 7, 2002

I can't pay attention to any girl on Six Feet Under when they stand next to Lauren Ambrose. But the Sopranos' Jamie-Lynn Siegler (Meadow) has a very ethnic schnoz that is quite appealing.
posted by bingo at 11:07 AM on March 7, 2002

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