Walk Off The Earth's cover of I Can't Feel My Face is fun and soulful
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These people, one of them about to have a kid are having more fun than us Walk off the Earth are from Canada, you know... america's attic. They are playing a Harpejji. It's played by tapping the strings.
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Good lord, she was not just "just about" to have a kid. She was in labor.
Nice performance, but somewhat overshadowed for me by the impact of that fact.
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Man, there's something about WOTE that really grates on me (is it Gianni's voice? Is it the overly self-aware way they put Beard Guy in each video? Is it the fact that most of their original songs are just about making music and aren't very good?).

But they're just having so much fun, and they are such talented musicians, and these videos are just so great to watch. So I guess I'm conflicted?

Maybe not that conflicted if I've seen this video like 6 times already.
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That appears super joyless to me. But it did remind me of another instrument that thankfully hasn't ever really caught on.
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"soulful" is pushing it
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I love that the "America's attic" link can't be viewed in Canada.
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Thanks for reminding me that I was about due for binge-watching a batch of WOTE videos.
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That was a lot of fun, *but* Scott Helman's voice sounds so crazy autotuned that it really breaks the illusion that this is a live recording of a basement jam :/
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It was a tad discomforting to watch a pregnant woman singing a song about using cocaine. Nice voice though.
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The song isn't my thing and doesn't work for me, but I am intrigued by the Harpejji. Just when you think every possible instrument has already been invented...
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Ugh. So much Autotune.
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I heard this on my local NPR station recently and thought, "Too bad I'll never know who this is..."

And now I do!

So thanks!
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Dammit, now I'm doubting this is the cover I heard.
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If WOTE formed in the 1970s, they'd probably be a big hit on Carson and then be lost to time.

This is not the 1970s.


Wait, have they collaborated with OKGO yet?
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Sara C., NPR posts logs of most of its bumper music online. I've found some great stuff with this.
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Nah, this was somewhere in Morning Becomes Eclectic, but I was on the way out of the car and didn't have time to sit and wait for the end of the set. I guess I could try to reconstruct the date and dig through the archives on the KCRW website, but it's seriously not that important.
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such twee, many neurotic. wow
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I found it really jarring that he would slap the clapper once on the individual claps and also just once when on the double claps. Had to re-watch it to see the other guy hitting the green clapper for the double claps. That's really good timing of his.
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