"Don't bring any weapons on this mission." "D'accord."
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Secret Agent Cinder - a short Twine game of espionage and ball gowns in Versailles

In Emily Ryan's illustrated interactive re-telling of Cinderella, you play as Secret Agent Cinder, who's been charged with a mission to obtain secret military plans while dodging palace guards and potential suitors. Don't bring any weapons or draw any attention to yourself, maintain your revolutionary zeal, and remember: you have to get out with the papers before midnight.

Emily Short takes a quick look at the game.
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It seems a kitty buggy on my ancient iPad, can't wait to try it on a real system. It's a really cute implementing of the tech.
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Charming! What a find. Good balance of options and intuition. I loved that I could complete the mission but not complete it very well. First IF I've seen in a long time that I wanted to play again right away. Thanks for sharing.
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What a fantastic little game! The twist is inspired, merging the French Rev and the story of Cinderella in such a fresh and original way. I loved the artwork, Cinder's unchanging expression, and the dorky-but-cute Dauphin (who shows up, shoujo comic style, with roses and sparkles) and who also makes (SPOILERS) a potential love interest. It's short, and not to hard to figure out, but I replayed it a bunch of times just to see all the potential outcomes. I really hope the author does more-- it's fantastic work.
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I want a kitty buggy.
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Dammit, I can't figure out how to keep my shoes on.
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My shoe!

Really loved this, the art is fun and the puzzle is tricky, going to have to try it a few more times.

But hey I got a gold star for Revolutionary Zeal, that's got to count for something!
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