Rich to get richer
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Rich to get richer thanks to new technology. The wealth of "high net-worth individuals" is set to leap by an annual 12 percent to $44.9 trillion by 2004 with technology windfalls pushing more people into the "ultra-rich" category, a Merrill Lynch and Gemini Consulting survey showed on Tuesday.
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I work in Research & Development at a web development company. People ask me at parties, "So, what do you do for a living". I tell them. Their eyes widen and I get one of three questions:

1) So, you get a pretty good pay check for that, huh?

2) Got any stock tips?

3) What does that mean?

All of these questions are a pain. One, I don't make a whole lot of money. I'm in a very small market and my 5 plus years experience doing this sort of thing gets me a reasonable but not spectacular salary (yes, that was a half-hearted sales pitch). Two, I am financially clueless; I have no clue what stock to invest in. Three, my job changes every day. Telling people what I do is incredibly hard. No one wants to head me blather on and on about HTML, Perl, Javascript, etc. So, are you rich? Do you get tired of being asked if you are?
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Heh. I work as a network engineer, which would have seemed reasonably high-tech and interesting a couple of years ago, but right now gets ho-hums. I work for a firm that's re-inventing itself as an e-commerce plug-and-play vendor. I'm this|close to being in a dot-com (actually, I spent part of yesterday fixing the e-mail for one of the largest dot-coms in Chicago).

As for the three questions, 1) pays the bills, 2) buy and hold, 3) it's plumbing.
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